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Created: August 10, 2003
Latest Update: August 10, 2003

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  • The Aesthetics of Answerability Reference to Greg Nielsen's Norms of Answerability, with an application to a class situation. Hopefully will give a feeling for the relationship between the aesthetic process of answerability and the creation of community around that aesthetic process. Link added August 10, 2003.

  • Answerability and the Catholic Curch Andrew Sullivan focuses on answerability as essential to real community, and argues that the church has been largely engaging in monologic non-answerability in several sexually-related issues. File from 2002. Link added August 10, 2003.

  • Keep Your Eye on the Ball A blog from 2002, in which Lisa J. Stevens' friend and counselor speaks of the aesthetic process of answerability in plain old counseling English. Gives us an historical focus on our own development of this concept on Dear Habermas and says it in words that even young people can grasp easily. Link added August 10, 2003.

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