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Created: September 6, 2003
Latest Update: September 6, 2003

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On Friday, September 5, 2003, Katie Williams, CSUDH, wrote:
Thank you so much for the discussion concerning agencies. I do agree that there are many agencies that hold individuals down. I have to commend the agency that I work for "RAINN." This organization supports victims of Rape and Incest. When most bureaucracies are keeping people down, this organization lends a helping hand to people who cannot help themselves. It's hard to find funding for crisis centers, but there are kindred souls out there, who will donate money.
Yes, Katie, there are kindred souls out there, and for that we are all grateful. But I want to remind us all of the concern of the morality and ethics of leaving such help to individual consciences. I would like you to define "holding individuals down." For me, I think it would mean not providing a place and a time and a community in which their voices would be heard in good faith. I think I consider that a moral responsibility that we as a community owe every member of that community, and all non-members who we include in that community. How would you define "holding individuals down"? Do you think we can ethically permit that? We DO permit it. I'm just asking us to think about how we beleive we ought to live our lives here. jeanne

I like the fact that you let the class talk. I feel like I learn by listening. I'm in your 2:30 agencies class, and trust me, my eyes have been opened. In the last couple of weeks I have been amazed at the amount of opened hearts and minds. It's nice to be in a class of adults. Everyone is very open and kind (including yourself!) I am used to a "non answerable classroom." Most of my classes have consisted of a professor who lectures to us and doesn't give a damn about what we say. The change is very refreshing!

You know, Katie, my eyes are opened every semester, too. It's kind of nice to find others who share your curiosity and interest and are willing to share thinking the really big issues through. That, the sharing of all these ideas, is the essence of liberal arts education. jeanne

Thanks again

"How can anyone have an understanding of the virgin if they don't also have an understanding of the prostitute, the saint and sinner in one body? Attempting to reconcile these opposing forces in my own nature is my goal"
-Tori Amos

Nice quote. jeanne