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Art, Technology and Society: The Artist Message Shaping Public Policy

Art, Technology and Society: The Artist Message Shaping Public PolicySite through WPA/C (Washington Project for the Arts) of the Corcoran Gallery.
Art as Sociological Method
A Forum for Bad Art - Why?
Oneness: Creative Production as a Kind of Discourse
National Archives and Records Administration:Activist Arts External Site

Photography as Sociological Method
Drawing Shadows to Stone The Jesup Expedition
Photographic Study of Peoples of North Pacific. Incredibly done.
Wonderful Web site. A MUST SEE!
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Photographic study of U.S. travels of Thai students.
Doing a Photo Essay, Including KIDS' Participation
Photographic Essay on Afghanistan External Site

Art as Sociological Method

Art expresses emotion. And Western Society does not readily give permission to express such emotion. This is one of the ways in which art can be healing, by allowing that expression to come out in forms that society accepts.

Art also captures a different mode of expression. The emotion evoked by a painting is real and immediate. Only after the fact do we analyze the effects rationally. And no one is excluded from understanding that kind of real and immediate emotion. Perhaps that was one of the greatest gift Keith Haring gave us, his belief that art was for everyone, in the streets, in the subway, anywhere that people happened to be.

Photographers convey history, social change, relationships and terror with the same passion and immediacy as painters and sculptors. Advertisers understand the importance of art, even when they are not always sensitive to the quality of art with which they surround us.

The National Archives and Records Administration has a wonderful exhibiit up: visit National Archives and Records Administration:Activist Arts External Site

Photography as Sociological Method

This is a very brief introduction to a beautiful photographic essay on women in Afghanistan. When used in this manner photography becomes powerful tool for the communication of ideas which may not be heard in good faith when put into words. These photos are hosted on the site of Europa, the European Union's Server.

The photography is displayed at A Flower for the Women of Kabul
Be sure to notice that these are thumb prints. That means that they are live, if you click on them, you will see the print full size. Enjoy, and think deeply about what they tell us.

Does this page in any way contribute to a forum for the women of Kabul?

Daddy Called to say we are middle class now.Notice the interpretive possibilities that many of these dated photos offer. What might they mean if displayed in other contexts? This one is on the Tacky eMail Site. "Preserving the bad taste of our era for future generations." How does taste change? Notice how much has been recorded here.

A Forum for Bad Art - Why?

Difference is a part of our world, and adds greatly to the diversity and creativity of ideas from which we draw our perceptions. But quickly, ever so quickly, styles and rules spring up. Innovators are always followed by disciples, and creativity is dampened. The Special Feature this month (February 1999) on the Bad Art Site offers an example of the dilemma that surrounds freedom in art.

The irreverent, the untrained, the non-conformist in art has always been a part of the art world. We speak of folk art, primitive art, and "outsider" art to describe those who do not fit in the traditional schools and patterns. Bad Art, the site, pokes fun at the world of paintings that do not measure up to the standards of "fine arts."