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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: October 30, 2005
Latest Update: October 31, 2005

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Visual Politics in California and Beyond

This November a new book is coming out by Peter Selz, The Art of Engagement: Visual Politics in California and Beyond With an Essay by Susan Landauer. Published by the University of California Press. You will find a description of the book and its table of contents at his site.

"Peter Selz is Professor Emeritus of the History of Art at the University of California, Berkeley. Among his many books are Nathan Oliveira (California, 2002), Barbara Chase-Riboud, Sculptor (1999), Beyond the Mainstream (1996), and Art in Our Times (1981). Susan Landauer is Kate and Drew Gibson Chief Curator at the San Jose Museum of Art and the author of many books." From the University of California WebSite page on Peter Selz' Art of Engagement. Visited on October 31, 2005.

Particularly since I urge you to consider the arts in terms of expression and awareness, this is an important book for our studies. Remember the rows of desks, all facing forward, attentive to authority. That is a picture. That is a metaphor for the worker constrained. Now Selz' book will provide us with even more background for exploring images and icons that shape our consciousness.

One reason the CIA leak investigation of Fitzgerald was so important is that the real nub of the issue was that Cheney (by implicit assumption, therefore, Bush) had sought to shape the news that was reported about WMDs. Administrations seek to shape the vision we have of what is happening, and if you will recall the many perspectives represented in a country such as ours, you will realize how distorted the ultimate image might be with each private interest shaping it to its own advantage.

On Friday evening, November 11, 2005, at Jack Rutberg's Fine Art Gallery on La Brea Avenue, there will be an exhibitiion, Art of Engagement, and Peter Selz will be present for a book signing of his Art of Engagement. The exhibit will remain at Jack Rutberg's Gallery til January 31, 2006. Please come if you can. jeanne

Opening Friday, November 11, 2005
7:00 till 9:30 p.m.
The Art of Engagement
Jack Rutberg Fine Arts Gallery
357 North La Brea
Los Angeles, California 90036

  • Artists Represented in Art of Engagement Exhibition Jack Rutberg Gallery, La Brea Avenue, L.A. November 11 to January 31, 2005. Please browse on our file, unless you actually want to browse the gallery and artists' sites. If there are suddenly many hits on a site the costs zoom upward. jeanne


    • Artists Represented in Art of Engagement Exhibition Jack Rutberg Gallery, La Brea Avenue, L.A. November 11 to January 31, 2005.

    • Helnwein: The Artist as Provokateur by Peter Selz.
      "The Madonna paintings no doubt presented themselves quite intuitively to this former Catholic, and they led to Helnwein's significant "Epiphany" of 1996. This large (210 x 33 cm) painting in blue monochrome depicts the Adoration of the Magi. But the Madonna is a young maiden of pure Aryan blood, and presents a Christ Child who looks like a young Adolf Hitler, and the Wise Men all wear well-tailored SS and Reichswehr uniforms, Nazi officials decorated with the Iron Cross. They stand attentively, with approving respect, next to the Virgin. The most prominent Nazi holds a document in his hands, while the soldier on the right seems to examine the child, perhaps to see whether he is circumcised. It is a powerful and very enigmatic painting, done with the eyes and brush of a realist painter."

      Helnwein's Epiphany

      I am entranced by Epiphany. It was by pure chance that I came upon Peter Selz' article on Helnwein. And it was here that I learned of the comparison to Joseph Beuys, whom I still struggle to understand. Thought this would be a good piece to share with you as the exhibition for Art of Engagement opens.

    • Art of Engagement University of California Press
    • Berkeley Art CenterGood example of an art association interacting with its community.

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