My project will be a tool to briefly discuss how Internet dating, better known as cyberdating, hhas become an everyday social routine in the world of cyberspace.

Within my project, I will share websites and citations that others can reach and view for their own personal enjoyment.

Author's views about cyberdating.

I strongly believe that cyberdating has become an area where just about anything goes. Cyberdating reached high success among computer users during the early nineties. Moveover, it has become a social institution for computer users world wide. The idea of conversing with a perfect stranger, possibly from another continent, is truly fascinating. But, such a relationship can become dangerous for both parties involved. Nevertheless cyberdating can be a fun learning experiece for anyone that takes part in it. I must warn those who are in the process of becoming a cyberchatter or cyberdater. Individuals do not always speak the truth. Some individuals may wish to keep their identity anonomyous. Others may wish to tell the truth and reveal their true identity. Whatever the case my be, please be cautious and enjoy the different articles that I supplied to you on this topic.

Thank you again,

Jennifer Lavelle Greene