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The White Boy shuffle

Reading Along with jeanne

I know, I know, Professor Dickson-Carr says you should look up the words on your own. I agree enough to have asked our bookstore to stock up on pocket-sized dictionaries for you. But I know it's not a waste of our time to share this reading with each other, and that includes the dictionary use. I've got several good ideas for class activities and for Pass? or Prepared?s, and will get some of them up shortly.

Meanwhile, take Professor Dickson-Carr's advice. Get a dictionary to lug around that you can share with us in discussions. And start reading. I hope to be able to just fill in some on the wonderful notes that Professor Dickson-Carr makes available to you on his site. I'll get more on this up soon. Meant to do it today, but the Justice Studies Association needed a website, and all my energy went there. Back to The White Boy Shuffle tomorrow. jeanne

On September 19, 2000, jeanne wrote:

O.K. So I didn't get back to it tomorrow. Constitutive Criminology and "Bad" Mothers, and a few other books got in my way. I'm using Professor Dickson-Carr's web assisted notes in my reading. I must confess that when I first read White Boy Shuffle, I skipped right over the "Watermelanin." I would never have thought of explaining it to you.

I have lived in Los Angeles for 40 years, so I know the places to which Beatty refers. And I pretty much know the history Beatty describes. But I still find Professor Dickson-Carr's notes are hepful.