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Astranaut image, altered for career curriculum, from NASA site,
"Well, I hope by the time we're astronauts
they'll have slightly better maps."


California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: April 30, 2006
Latest Update: April 30, 2006

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Index of Topics on Site I think I want be . . . I wanna be . . . uh . . . an ASTRONAUT!

Backup photo of Stardog from NASA site, "Hello, I'm StarDog. I'm an astronaut."

"Sure, you are. And I'm the Abominal Snowman."

Variation on photo of Stardog from NASA site, "No, really. See my stars and equipment?"

"Dogs don't have stars. They have spots."

Backup photo of Stardog from NASA site, "Oh, yeah? It's not nice to bully an astronaut who's come to help you."

"Awk! What happened to me?

Backup photo of Stardog from NASA site, "Oh, all right, I'll turn you back into you. But don't bully me with your insults, telling me how I should be."

"OK. I'm sorry. I really thought dogs didn't have stars. Can you do any other tricks?"

Backup photo of Stardog from NASA site, "Well, I'm an astronaut, isn't that trick enough? But that's not really a trick. That's just believing that there are many ways to discover how to do what you'd like to do. George Rodrique is a famous New Orleans artist who paints all his dogs blue, or any other color he happens to see."

"Dogs aren't blue!" "

Backup photo of Stardog from NASA site, "There you go again telling dogs what they can be. Imagination is a wonderful thing. Look!"


Blue Dog by George Rodrigue,, consulted April 23, 2006.

"Can I be blue!" "

Backup photo of Stardog from NASA site, "Well that depends upon what blue means to you and upon why you want to be blue."

"It just seemed like a fun idea. It would sure freak out my Mom."

Backup photo of Stardog from NASA site, "Probably not going to happen. The magic of science happens when we search for things because they mean a lot to us, and we're willing to let our imagination take us in all directions to find a way to get these wonderful things."

"I get it. Hard work and diligence. But how did all this help you become an astronaut?"

Backup photo of Stardog from NASA site, "Yeah, hard work and keeping at it. I learned to question and wonder, to see things in different ways. To listen to new ideas. That's what all our great scientists did. And look at all they've discovered that we thought could never be. George Rodrique's blue dog may not come walking down the street today, but he still inspires me to be all that I can be, even, maybe, one day, a blue dog.


Discussion Questions

  1. Ask the children in your extended circle to change the dialog if they'd like to. I'm trying to teach illocutionary discourse to young kids. Try it with your friends, family, neighbors. Do they seem to get it that it's not just magic, it's staying open to ideas.


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