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Created: September 19, 2005
Latest Update: September 19, 2005

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There's still lots of white supremacy in the U.S. even though less than half of our population will be white by the last half of this century. White privilege is hard to let go of. But white privilege demands the subordination of Others who are not white. Is that wrong? And if so, according to whom?

Libertarians insist that individuals should be allowed to do whatever their skills and creativity permit them to, as long as they don't directly harm others. But what about Bush borrowing money, billions, to make possible a tax cut that will benefit primarily those in the top 3%, who make over $200,000 a year. How is the playing field to be evened for those whose parents cannot pay for the "best education," which is part of white privilege in this country?

The conservatives say little federal government and private charity. If half your population is being schooled with an inadequate infrastructure, no text books, inadequate access to technology and the elite schools, and if one out of five children is presently aborted, what do you think our schools are going to look like in fifty years? If new and adequate schools are not built? (Our Governor just took back the billion he promised our schools.) The President's Republican supporters want to pay for his fantasy development of New Orleans with money promised for Medicare and funds promised for highways. Didn't we just see what happens when we neglect infrastructure? The levees didn't hold. Not too well in the Garden District and up town, but hardly at all the 9th Ward, where the poor lived.

And the liberals (progressives is the current term) march and go to meetings where there leadership offers them a lecture on the books they just wrote and want them to buy, or regale them of tales about watching our soldiers disgracefully swimming in Saddam's palace. I kept wondering what the hell a leader of the peace movement was doing in Saddam's palace for a week????

Believe any of them if you want to, but this has got to stop if you guys are going to be able to live a life of love and caring with each other.

Please stop assuming that just because someone says so (legal term = ipse dixit) they know more than you. As near as I can tell none of them know what the blazes they're talking about. It's not that hard to stop killing other people, especially because they're different, and you don't like them. Don't talk about it. Don't wonder about. Just don't do it. Don't accept it when someone else does it. Scream your bloody heads off about the inconceivable (not the movie) debt Dubya has thrown you into. (I'm too old to be around to have to pay it back. But you'll have to.)

Please recognize that slavery and subordination are never OK. Don't march. Well, march if you're young enough to, and strong enough to, some of the time. But it's going to take more than marching to stop Dubya and Rummy and all the others who are getting and giving no-bid contracts for $500,000 with no accountability.

Please make your parents, your friends, your families understand that if we continue to vote for subordination, every worker in this country is going to be subordinated to the top 3% of the rich, never mind whether they're from Saudi Arabia or Seattle.

THESE ARE MY PERSONAL INTERPRETATIONS AND OPINIONS OF THE STATE OF OUR COUNTRY. I'm going to bed with Red Dog. Every one of us has a voice. Every one of us has the right to refuse to be silenced behind dead elderly drowning in their beds. Every one of us has the responsibility to stand up and be counted. Take your pick. But if you decide that individuals count more than the collectivity, please be sure you understand that humans are social creatures and that authoritarian imperialism in any guise means that most of us are going to suffer for the sake of the few who are rich. If you believe in God, pray. But I don't know how you can work out your social relationship with a God that sanctions the kind of greed in which we are now inundated, and in which our democratic representatives can and do refuse even to talk to us about that suffering and the greed which brought it upon us.

I'm going to bed with Red Dog. Both Red Dog and I are going to live with the hope there is a God, one that will not sanction global suffering to produce billionaires. For what? Air that we can't breathe, roads we can't cross or drive on, and humans who have forgotten what humanity is?

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