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Created: February 22, 2004
Latest Update: April 11, 2004

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  • Naked Space Exhibit Class, Spring 2004:

  • Comprehensive Exams Prep Class, Spring 2004:

    • Reading Assignments:

      • Added April 11, 2004: Comparing Durkheim and Marx Study module for M.A. qualifying exams in theory.

      • Added April 2, 2004. Have question on Durkheim and Marx from Mary Conner.

        Question: how to compare Durkheim's and Marx concerns with society. how does each view inequality differently?

        jeanne's quick answer: Mary, Thanks for reminding me. I need more time to hunt for the theory stuff I did last semester. But a quick answer to your question is that Durkheim saw social stratification and inequality as natural results of society, and he wasn't to worried about them. He was just interested in figuring out social indicators, the better to understand society. Marx, on the other hand, was terribly frustrated by inequality and what he considered exploitation of those who have not by those who have. Marx looked beyond the figures and social indicators to the real people whom he believed should rise up in revolution against the exploitations.

        Does this help? jeanne

      • Added April 11, 2004: Micro and Macro Sociology Study Module for M.A. qualifying exams in methods.

      • Added March 21, 2004 Deviance and Conformity Suggestions for a project on deviance. See also: Interpassivity and Depression, since I find that the degree of engagement with the exterior world has great effect on both deviance and depression. More details later. jeanne

      • Added March 3, 2004. Driving Without Sleep: A Crime? Put up a whole piece on the importance of sleep and driving. Considered sleep deprivation as criminal negligence in driving, and explored the complications of such a move. Also whole piece on the role of the infrastructure in our perception of "tiredness." Suggestions on how to develop as a project. Follow the discussion questions for information on methodology.

      • The Banana Split Story on theory and nutrition. Explaining theory tools. Read especially for the comparison of Durkheim, Weber, and Marx. E-mail any questions.

      • Added February 27, 2004. Ideology and Social Theory Lecture and sources. Discussion questions up soon. Look for parallels in what this tells us about our methodology.

    • Class objectives:

      My specialties include classical and modern theory, methodology, statistics, feminist theory, social theory (including philosophy), law and social justice, and different approaches to research and to understanding Others and the social world in which we live. Most of our prep classes consist of my answering questions for you, as best I can, given my perspective of social theory and research. I prefer to spend some of our time giving you an actual chance to write out answers in order to discourage memorization. Comprehensive exams leave you considerable room to innovate and be creative. Memorizing texts is a poor study habit and a risky approach to the actual stress and anxiety of the exams. The worst exams I've ever graded showed clear signs of someone memorizing textual material. If you need specific topics explained or covered, it would be both good and considerate to let me know. jeanne


    Jeanne and Pat are not on campus full time during the Spring Semester. The only courses available are the Spring 2004 Naked Space Exhibit (Soc. 395) and the Graduate Comprehensive Exam Preps. Jeanne plans to be on Wednesdays, afternoon and early evening. Pat may have a slightly different schedule. We'll post schedules as soon as we talk to everyone.

    E-mail is the best way to reach me, especially now that my ISP is fixed. The phones aren't fixed yet, but they are next on the list. I caught an awful virus on the way home, and still sound horrible, though I'm sure I'm not contagious anymore. Once I realized there was nothing much I could do about either the ISP or the virus, I went to sleep with my two kitty cats and had a wonderful vacation. See you soon, and we'll make up for lost time. jeanne

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