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Sociology of Art: War and Terror

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Drawing Disaster

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Created: July 22, 2002
Latest Update: July 10, 2003
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These are drawings by children in the New York area, reflecting their responses to the World Trade Center attack. Compare them with the work of professional artists reacting to war and the afterwar. War and Fine Art. What artists have to say about war.

  1. Charlotte, ninth grade, Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, Conn.:

  2. Carolina, fourth grade, Twin Pines School, Brentwood, N.Y.:

  3. Frankie, fifth grade, Red Bank Middle School, Red Bank, N.J.:

  4. Jennifer, Alice E. Grady Elementary School, Elmsford, N.Y.:

  5. Stacey, ninth grade, Wilton High School, Wilton, Conn.:

  6. Kevin, sixth grade, East Middle School, Brentwood, N.Y.:

  7. Jennifer, twelfth grade, Wilton High School, Wilton, Conn.:

  8. No artist identified:

  9. Sam, ninth grade, Brunswick School, Greenwich, Conn.: