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Criminal Justice and Social Change

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Criminal Justice Exercise 4:
Moral Alchemy and the Media

Source materials for the following questions will be found in Images of Color, Images of Crime, Roxbury Publishing, 1998, Chapter 3 (pp. 38, 40-45.)

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  1. Suzan Shown Harjo discusses the media problem that results from moral alchemy. Describe it briefly. (passim, pp. 41-45)

  2. Harjo discusses the ways in which forums have been denied to Native Peoples by diverting the forum focus. Find examples. (p. 40)

  3. How does the granting of citizenship affect this moral alchemy in telling the story of Native Peoples? (p. 36)

  4. How does moral alchemy and the media relate to criminal justice? (p. 42, col. 1)