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Latest update: March 3, 1999
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Beginnings of a "Webwork," Dear Habermas Style

This is one of the first examples of Dear Habermas's production of what Dr. Adam Gruen calls a Webwork. We are particularly pleased to see students and faculty and staff entering this new interactive approach together. Follow us as we bulid our Webwork.

Part I - Chadwick Moore's Opening Gambit

New Links added by Chadwick Moore, Soc 595-01:       

I came across some sites while browsing through the web. 
Although some are rather one dimensional (focusing on marijuana
drug policies), I believe that they all embody a Habermasian
approach in that they call for the reformation of present drug
laws for the good of the public. ---Chadwick Moore

Most of these sites would be labeled 'liberal', but they have great links.
Hope you enjoy them. ---Chadwick Moore

"I think the idea of replacing legal penalties for drug use
with treatment is a good idea"---Stanton Peele

Part II - Stanley Cameron's Opening Review Gambit

Peer Review of "Drug Links Recommended by Chadwick Moore"

Chadwick discovered several good sites related to the liberalization/decriminalization of Marijuana. I found the Death Penalty Information Center site particularly informative. It contained a wide variety of links in the Criminal Justice Catylst?? section.

Of particular interest is the Partnership for a Drug-Free America site. I agree wholeheartedly that this is not a Habermasian information source. However, Chadwick's inclusion of this site is in the true spirit of Habermas. The stance of this organization is diametrically opposed to the viewpoints of several (if not all) of the other organizations identified. The presentation of opposing views shows a willingness to look at the subject from more than a single perspective. This is one of the precursors of discourse.