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Created: December 2, 2004
Latest Update: December 2, 2004

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On Tuesday, December 21, Angelique Hawley wrote in Message No. 2400:

Can someone, anyone tell me why do we work so hard and get so little at CSDH campus?

Two points here I'd like to come back to "working hard" and getting so little." jeanne

Parking is inadequate and more than enough funds are generated via fees for the Torro to have the best.

Good to cite the data you guys collected here, rather than just making the conclusionary statement that there are enough funds generated." jeanne

We experience foul up bleeps and blunders like the Magic Numbers, Class Scheduling mishaps in the catalog, and unoffical room changes without the knowledge of the instructor who is said to be in charge (according to the hierarchy of positon in reference to students, at least).

Here we're talking about administrative blunders that have a sometimes profound effect on students, like when they can't get in to classes if magic numbers don't work, and might find that a class is never taught at hours they can manage, or get lost in room changes. It would seem that some illocutionary discourse here could solve several of these problems. jeanne

Not to mention late instructors who show you no pity if your are late, and their lectures are dry as a a peice of petrified wood.

Now we've turned to interpersonal relationships as they exist between professors and students. The lateness especially seems to me to be an illocutionary problem with instructors failing to understand and have adequate flexibility for some of the schedule conflicts that students faced. We are still wont to say "your education is most important" without realizing that jobs with benefits can't be jeopardized in today's market, and that traffic in L.A. is uncontrollable and getting worse. jeanne

When all is said and done and you have worked your hardest participating in class and giving your effort.

I thin we need some illocutionary discussion for coming to some understanding about how different people in the institution are defining "working hard" and "participating," and "giving your effort."

Why???? does it have to be like this I am paying for this. Can you believe this??

New issue: "I'm paying for this." And over the years the rates have crept up, and none of us have had the time for illocutionary discussions on what we're paying for, and why, and whether this is the best method to pay for it. Whole new social issue opening up where the rich are saying that the working class shouldn't expect so much for "free." jeanne

I work towards a change, for I am not a person born of the upper crust, but neither do I want to feel as though I am just working to make those who are part of the upper crust a little more comfortable.

Again, I see a whole new perspective being raised: I'm willing to work hard, but not if that hard work serves no purpose but to support the status quo where I have no voice, and a feeling on no respect. Again, a need for illocutionary discourse. jeanne

Jeanne, I really enjoyed the class. I will make it my plans to stay in touch with you and Pat for you to are Shining Stars; please don't ever become dull like some of the others.

Pat and I thank you. But what you're really saying is that illocutionary discourse, on which Pat and I try to rely, does produce an environment of empowerment and community. That means we need to work at writing up our Interim Reports and get them out there, so that others can try replicating the model.

Keep Shinning EVER so BRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I especially like that phrase. It reminds me of Freire's ontological hope. jeanne

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