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Created: December 24, 2000
Latest Update: January 22, 2001
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Required Texts:

  • Constitutive Criminology at Work: Applications to Crime and Justice. Stuart Henry and Dragan Milovanovic, editors. Suny Press. 1999. ISBN:0-7914-4194-6 (pbk.)
    Suny Press Review of Text Ordered at campus bookstore.
  • Social Justice/Criminal Justice: The maturation of Critical Theory in Law, Crime, and Deviance. Bruce A. Arrigo, editor. West/Wadsworth. 1999 ISBN: 0-534-54558-0. Ordered at campus bookstore.

    Recommended Texts:

  • Erich Fromm and Critical Criminology: Beyond the Punitive Society. Kevin Anderson and Richard Quinney, Editors. University of Illinois Press, 2000. Ordered at campus bookstore.
  • Readings in Criminology Theory. Ordered at campus bookstore.

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      3. Issues in Criminology:
        • Women's Issues
        • Prison Issues
        • Death Penalty Issues
        • Racial and Ethnic Issues
        • Peacemaking Issues
        • Restorative Justice Issues
        • Critical Theory and Postmodern Theory
        • Social Justice Issues
        • Criminal Justice Data
        • Quantitative and Qualitative Data
        • Dummy Tables
        • Issues in Inference
        • Criminal Justice Careers

      4. Critical Thinking in Criminology:
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