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Reports of Learning, CRMJ/SOCA 233, Criminology - Fall 2000

Evidence of Learning
Interactive Discourse

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: December 15, 2000
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Reports by Number Assigned

These short statements of our joint perceptions of your learning are growing from our review of the records and our experiences in class. In a cooperative learning world, in which our objective is to help each other gain critical insights, what should matter, instead of "grades" is such a report. Learning that I can tell you I have seen, either directly or through some of your work, and that you can confirm. That is learning accountability.

As we gain skill at this, a paragraph of recommendation should be your goal for the end of each course, each semester. If you were to realize that this is how I will end the course, and you were to want the best possible recommendation of your learning, we could interactively check our respective records all semester, and the recommendations could be detailed and helpful to all who want to know about your learning.

Visit Letters of Recommendation for clues on how to do this.

Updated on December 15, 2000

Student 0323 - No show for debriefing. No final ROL submitted. Course Grade is "F" [12/12] No midterm ROL submitted. Midterm Grade is "F". [12/12] Consistently shown up for class and prepared for all exercises, thus far. Althoug email address took a while, has tried to continue emailing. Tries to make comments in class. [11/7 but unresolved since 9/28 - number of prepareds]

Student 0477 - Communicates with group. Improved communication with professor. Cooperates with group/classes/other class members. Consistently prepared for all exercises except three. Attended law class, Kenosha Detention Center field trip, and Wednesday noon meetings. Participated on web boards. Participated in class discussions regularly. Added own viewpoints to the discussions. Course Grade is "B+" [12/11] Communicates with group members in class and outside of class through emails and meetings. Communicates with students from other courses. Name to face. Explained homework in class; for example, rational choice, related "Holes" to labeling theory). Contributes to web board, Wednesday meetings. Attended law class. Lack of consistent communication with professor. Two missing exercises. Late midterm ROL. Midterm Grade is "B" [12/7] Communicates with class. Participates in discussions daily; i.e., death penalty and gun control. Consistently attends class, missed only 2 exercises. Cooperates with group. Respects others opinions. Understands basic concepts; i.e, classical theory. Attends noon discussion group. Toured Kenosha county jail. [11/13].

Student 1094 - Communicated more in the second half of the course. Participates in class discussions on occasion. Completed a majority of the exercises. Researched gangs in Chicago, Marxism, and police officers. Attended the RCI field trip. Course Grade is "B" [12/11] Midterm Grade is "B-" [12/8] Keeping a journal. Reading from the book. Participates in class; for example death row and the death penalty. Learning from the Internet. [11/13]

Student 1196 - Fairly consistent with exercises. Read additional materials related to the course; for example on serial killers. Attended law class. Contributes to class discussions on occasion. Works with group. Course Grade is "B" [12/12] Consistently prepared except one exercise. Attended law and social change class. Attended Kenosha detention center field trip. Involved with English language web board discussion. Contributes to class discussion such as death penalty debate. Communicates whereabouts. Although participates in class established groups, such as web board and Wednesday noon meetings, lacks in creativity. Midterm Grade is "B" [11/9] Studied assigned chapter readings. Has a grasp on the theories and perspectives outlined. Emails prepared for all but one exercise. Active in groupwork. [10/18]

Student 1512 - Regularly participates in class discussions. Communicates often. For creativity, researched gangs by attending a youth against gang violence conference. Works well with group. Group worked on IF questions. Course Grade is "A-" [12/10] Communicates with group, professor, and in class. Consistency in class discussions and attendance. For example, contributed to class discussions on psychological theories, death penalty issue, culture conflict and language. Doing research on gangs. All exercises except two blanks. Midterm Grade is "B+" [12/1] Consistently attends class. Majority of exercises are prepared. Communicates well through email and by working with partner. Doing an excellent job at participating in class discussions. [10/18]

Student 1628 - Email discussions with professor. Debriefing on schools and violence. Contributed to class discussions on rare occasions. Attempted an IF question. Related debriefing to theory, policy, practice. Communicates wherebouts. Late midterm rol. Course Grade is "B-" [12/15] Contributes to class discussions rarely; for example, criminal behavior is learned. Prepared for class and exercises. Communicates whereabouts. Had one e-mail discussion with professor on teenage pregnancy. Works well in groups. Late midterm ROL. Midterm Grade is "C" [12/7] Attends class regularly. Has more passes than prepareds. Face to name but needs to speak in class more. Emailing about class related topics; for example, too many children having children. Researching teenage pregnancy rates. [10/4]

Student 2090 - Maintained consistency in class attendance, exercises, assigned readings (including Adler). Communicates whereabouts. Via email discusses class lectures and readings. Demonstrated cooperation and competency with group on exercises. For creativity, looked at abstracts on gangs, attended gang seminar, and visited Ellsworth CC. Meets with group. Course Grade is "A" [12/9] Name to face. Consistent with class attendance and assignments. Reads extra materials such as Adler book. Communicates whereabouts. Cooperates with group. Creativity involving visit to Ellsworth CC, abstracts on gangs, meets with group. Midterm Grade is "A-" [11/10] Completes assignments on time. Listens attentively. Communicates learning and whereabouts via email. works with group outside class. Reads extra materials, (the Adler book). Keeps up with journal. No name to face. [10/4]

Student 2195 - Improved on creative scholarship on supermax prisons and restorative justice. Attended two field trips. Worked with group. Completed all but two exercises. Went on police ridealong. Communication did not improve with professor in second half of semester. Course Grade is "B" [12/11] Prepared for all exercises except two. Participates in class discussions such as social bond theory, and importance of parental support. Attended field trip to RCI. For creative scholarship, working on super max prisons. Needs to email professor with comments and ideas on lecture materials. Midterm Grade is "B-" [11/29] Consistently comes to class prepared with exercises, all but one. Always adds to class discussions such as death penalty, Code of Hammurabi, and media connected to crime waves. Needs to work on emailing professor on thoughts on lectures.

Student 2814 - Completed almost all exercises. Joined group toward end of semester. Participates in class discussions. Worked on IF questions in group. Visits web board. Debriefing on death penalty. Course Grade is "B+" [12/15] Communicates prepareds. Talks in class; for example, schools being used as day care. Has completed almost all exercises (one pass; one blank). Cooperates in groups; for example, death penalty issue. In class consistently except three absences. Attending most group discussion meetings. For creativity, visited web board. Took long to submit midterm rol. Midterm Grade is "B-" [12/6] Has completed 7 of the concept exercises. Has contributed to class discussions regularly; for example, the death penalty. Doesn't communicate as much as used to. [10/20]

Student 3034 - Continues to be prepared for class, except for 2 passes and one blank. Continued to occasionally share ideas; for example, white collar crime. Attempted IF final questions. Did not communicate competency of learning very well with professor. Participated on web board. Applies crim class material to other courses. Course Grade is "B" [12/8] Continues to be prepared for class. Shares ideas in class and on web board; for example, talked about the UCR, and English as primary language. Still tries to communicate whereabouts. Works with group partner. For creativity, posted two new topics on web board. Researching children being drugged. Midterm Grade "B"[10/30] Prepared for each class meeting. Communicates whereabouts. Working with partner. Participates in class discussions, especially during measuring crime discussion. Name to face. [9/29]

Student 3113 - Completed three out of four IF final questions with group. Slow start, but by end of semester was average. Contributes to class discussions on occasion; for example, early socialization determines what a person becomes. Worked with group. Attends class. Prepared for all exercises with one pass. Attended one field trip. Presents current events in class. Poor communication with professor outside of class. Course Grade is "B" [12/8] Attends class and is prepared. Needs to communicate with instructor to prove competency. Talks in class more; for example, gangs are best described by subculture theory. Cooperates with group. Went to Kenosha jail field trip. Face to name. Midterm Grade is "B-" [11/27] Attends class and is prepared consistently. Keeps journal but could use a little improvement. works in group to make sure pass/prepareds are complete. Needs to communicate learning more to instructor. Adds comments in class but does not lead discussions; for example, rule breaking survey results did not add up. Attended Kenosha Detention Center field trip. Face to name. [11/7]

Student 3182 - All but two exercises done (one blank; one pass). Participates in class web board and in class discussions on occasion; for example, white collar crime and campus crimes. Not as consistent in communicating whereabouts. Did some research on death penalty. Course Grade is "B" [12/9] Attended Ellsworth CC field trip. Participates on web board (death penalty and English issues). Works with partner. Communicates whereabouts. Consistently prepared. Add to class discussions. Midterm ROL is "B" [11/21] Attends class regularly. Emails whereabouts. All prepareds. Discusses in class, for example, opinions on the death penalty and abortion. Works outside of class with a partner. Participates on class message board. Could participate more in class. [10/22]

Student 3513 - Since midterm, communicated more with professor via email. Contributed to class discussions more. Worked with group. Worked with group on IF questions. For creativity, researched police officer. Went on police ridealong. Attended field trip. Researched morality and families. Final Course is "B" [12/8] Competence is growing greater by outside class and research. Communicates with group. Visits professor in office. Started talking in class more. Cooperates with group in emailing exercises. For creative scholarship, attended Kenosha detention center field trip. Researching morality and how it effects families. Trying to arrange police ridealong. Midterm Grade is "B-" [11/10] Communicates via email. Consistently does exercises. Comes to class. Works in a group. Researching morality. Learning how to use Internet and email. [10/30]

Student 3678 - Tries to communicate twice a week. Prepared for all but one exercise. Understands theories; for example, Marxism is based on social class. Researched gangs. Course Grade is "B" [12/9] Tries to email weekly. Reads and attends class regularly. Almost always prepared. Understanding most of the theories; for example, Merton's anomie theory. Needs to work on creativity. Trying to speak up more in class. Midterm Grade is "B-"[11/13] Keeps up with all the assigned readings and journal entries. Comes prepared for the class discussions. Does not speak up in class too much. Conducting email discussions with instructor; for example, on Beccaria/Bentham on education. No face to name, yet. [10/9]

Student 4275 - Attended field trip to Racine jail. Communicates whereabouts. Still quiet at times in class. More consistent with exercises during second eight weeks. Researched juveniles. Worked with group. Contributes to class discussion on rare occasions. Worked on IF questions in group. Course Grade is "B+" [12/10] In class, just about every day, but does not speak out in class as much. Meets with group periodically. Thinking about researching how effective rehab is inside prisons and jails. Brought in material on "driving while black." Toured the Racine jail. Midterm Grade is "B-" [11/22] Comes to class every day prepared. Does not say much in class but communicates well with others. Consistent in keeping up with work in class as well as meeting with study group on a regular basis.[10/3]

Student 4354 - No show for debriefing. No Final ROL submitted. Course grade is "F". [12/12] No midterm ROL submitted. Midterm Grade is "F". [12/12] A field mouse. No first ROL. [11/14]

Student 5535 - Consistent with exercises (all but one blank). Reacts to class discussion on occasion via email. Observed classroom behavior as part of debriefing. Final ROL submitted late. Course Grade is "C+" [12/15] Consistently comes to class and prepares for discussion. Communicates through email discussions; for example, gangs, and languages in U.S. Needs to work on participation in class discussions. Researching gangs. Communicates with group regarding class assignments and questions. Midterm Grade is "B-"[11/9] Consistently comes to class. Keeps in contact with group on a daily basis about prepared exercises and other topics. Keeps in contact with instructor via e-mail; for example, the inconsistencies in the criminal justice system. Needs to work on voicing opinions in class discussions.[10/6]

Student 5670 - Prepared for all readings. Participates in class discussions; for example, delinquency is going down. Went on police ridealong. Researched and discussed gun control issues with professor. Worked with group. Communicated whereabouts. Attended Wednesday group meetings. Course Grade is "A" [12/7] Prepared for all exercises. Participates in class discussions; for example, trigger locks. Participates on web board and attends noon group meeting. Email dialogue on gun control issue. Works with group. Communicates whereabouts. Midterm Grade is "A" [11/13] Always well prepared and participative in discussions. Does readings and writes a lot in journal. Face to name. Communicates questions and progress. Cooperates with others. Has done research outside of class.[10/1]

Student 6094 - Worked on IF questions in group. Read parts of Outsiders. Participates on web board. Presents current events in class. Toured local police department. Attended Wednesday group meetings. Participates in class discussions. Communicates whereabouts. Emails professor. Met professor during office hours. Course Grade is "A" [12/8] Continues to participate in class. Trying to get book for creative scholarship. Communicates on web board, during Wednesday noon meetings, and via email. Invited "new" member to join group. Creative scholarship is on labeling theory. Toured a local police department. [11/22] Consistent with class participation, journal entries, and email discussions with instructor on crimes and guns. Communicates via email with group and instructor, via web board and noon group. Helps other students. Answers questions relating to readings. Adding quote to web board. Working on "more guns, less crime" thesis by Lott. Midterm grade "A-" [10/30] Competency and consistency shown, as 4 of 4 pass/prepared exercises done and always comes to class. Cooperation and communication persent with group as well as with instructor. Learning shown through email discussions with instructor. Name to face. [9/29]

Student 6224 - Helps group members. Attends most classes. Attends other things like the law class. On web board. Prepared most of time. Course Grade is "B" [12/10] Contributes to class discussions on occasion. Attends Wednesday noon discussions. Consistently attends class except for last two weeks. Contributes to web board. Visited law class to view documentary. Works with group. Some miscommunication with group. Midterm Grade is "B-" [11/30] Consistently attends class. Majority of exercises prepared (3 blank exercises). Works well with group. Speak occasionally in class, but need to speak more in class and needs to communicate more frequently with teacher. Needs to get through this ROL, is not a field mouse like the evidence may show. [11/14]

Student 6657 - Contributes to class discussions on occasion. Creative scholarship on inmate interview. Communicates problems and questions to professor. In the beginning, attended class regularly. Sometimes missed class or arrived late. Communicates whereabouts. Started off emailing assignments on a regular basis; submitted two late exercises. Course Grade is "B" [12/11] Emails almost every assignment for group. Communicates whereabouts. Carries on email dialogue with professor on subjects not wanting to discuss in class. Does speak up in class on occasion; for example, house burglary incident. For creative scholarship, incarceration's effects on schooling. Midterm Grade is "B-"[11/22] Communicates with instructor. Participates in class discussions at times. Tries to email exercises on time. For creativity, picks up a friend from Community Corrections Center every day; receives input on how they regulate this individual. [11/7 unresolved since 11/6 - specific examples needed for competence and creativity]

Student 6679 - Creativity focused on many subjects but focused on juvenile prevention, rehabilitation and incarceration. Attended two field trips. Competency was shown through relating material with class discussions. Helping others outside of class. Communicates whereabouts. Worked in group. Presented current events. Regularly prepared. Final Course Grade is "A" [12/15] Regularly prepared.Openly contributes to discussions. Has 14 of 14 prepareds. Often leads group discussions. Has presented a few current events. Tries to relate theories being discussed. Contributed 2 websites to class. Communicates whereabouts. Email debates with professor. Researching juvenile violence and prevention programs. Contributes to web board. Attended two field trips. Preparing for debriefing. [11/21] Prepared and openly contributes to class discussions. Has 11 of 11 prepareds. Often leads group discussions. Has presented current events. Tries to relate theories being discussed. Contributed web site to class. Communicates whereabouts. Email debate with professor on rehabilitation. Researching juvenile violence. Contributes to web board. Midterm Grade = "B+"[11/7 unresolved since 11/5 regarding midterm grade verification]Prepared and openly contributes to class discussions. Has 4 of 4 prepareds. Often leads group discussion of exercises. Presents current events. [9/30]

Student 6735 - No show for scheduled debriefing. Made up debriefing at a later date. Final ROL submitted prior to midterm ROL resolved. Four blank exercises. Participates in class discussions on occasion. Course Grade is "D+" [12/15] Contributes to class discussions; for example, DNA testing for prisoners. Communicates with peers and professor via web board and in class. Lacks consistency with midterm rol not finished on time. Cooperates with peers and professor. Creativity shown through web board discussions. Midterm Grade is "C" [12/6] Participates regularly in class discussions on assigned topics. Communicates in class and on web board. Openly cooperates with peers. Lacks consistency because of failure to complete ROLs, both first and midterm rols. Took initiative with class web board. [11/30]

Student 6973 - Late start with midterm ROL. Eleven blank exercises. Miscomunication on emails. Was more consistent during the second half of the semester.Lost contact with group. Course Grade is "D+" [12/15] Trouble communicating learning. Speaks up in class on occasion. Started researching gangs but put on hold. Works with a group. Has 7 blank exercises. Midterm Grade is "D" [11/30] Stays in touch about issues and assignments. Brings experience as dispatcher into class discussions about police theory, policy, practice. [10/11]

Student 7256 - Work and communication has remained consistent throughout the semester as evidenced by prepareds, class participation, communication with professor/group via e-mail. Competency and applied learning demonstrated by answering IF question. Some creativity shown in accepting R.A. position related to creative scholarship. Remains cooperative with group and classmates. Course Grade is "A" [12/8] Continues to participate in class, group, and web board discussions. Offers class a bio-psychological approach during these discussions. Work has remained consistent as evidenced by prepareds, and field trip to RCI. Flexibility demonstrated with group discussions. Researching emotional/cognitive deficits in criminal behavior. Midterm Grade = "A." [11/7]Participates regularly in group and class discussions. Evidence of computer literacy provided early in semester. Work has come in consistently since the beginning of the semester (evidenced by "prepareds"). Often lead group discussions and share (via e-mail) with other group members. Class attendance to date is 100%. [9/25]

Student 8052 - Comes to class and discussed assignments competently and consistently. Cooperated in getting assignmetns in on time. Completed 16 of 16 pass/prepareds. Communicated learning through creative scholarship on death penalty, current events and IF final exam questions. Course Grade is "A" [12/8] Consistently comes prepared to every class prepared. discuss the readings and addm own perspectives demonstrating learning cooperation and competence. Presents current events and other extra information in class; for example, death penalty. Midterm Grade is "A-"[11/9] Consistently comes to class prepared to discuss class assignments. Keeps in contact through email and communicates competently subjects discussed in class. Suggests ways to communicate learning, for example, carbon copy group discussions to teacher. Communicates whereabouts. [9/29]

Student 8083 - Competency shown in IF final essays and in completion of exercises. Creativity shown in many ways, some small and some more substantial -- Wednesday noon group discussion, web board, current events, optional exercises, and research on two creative scholarships (gun debate and security options). Communicates learningin class and via email. Cooperation shown in groupwork. Course Grade is "A" [12/7] Communicates learning via email and class discussions (ex. lower class and crime, vocabulary). Competency shown in all prepareds, readings and class discussions. Cooperates in groupwork. Creativity shown in current events presented, Wednesday noon groups, and research on retinal studies. Communicates whereabouts. Midterm Grade = "A-" [11/5] Communicates learning. Competency and consistency by being "prepared." Shows creativity in extra research; such as retinal identification. Cooperation achieved in group discussions, in class and out. Not a field mouse. [10/9]

Student 8260 - Organized probation interview for group. Late midterm rol. All exercises completed except for three blanks. Communicates whereabouts. Cooperates with group. Attended Wednesday noon meetings. Participates on web board. Course Grade is "C+" [12/11] Communicates whereabouts. Cooperates with group. Meets with group to discuss exercises. Became member of crim web board on 10/30. Contributes to class discussions on occasion; for example, "street talk test." Visits professor in her office on occasion. Was not consistent; for example, lateness of midterm ROL. Three blank exercises. Midterm Grade is "C" [12/7] First ROL in progress. [12/7 - unresolved since 10/23]

Student 8607 - Cooperation in class discussion on topics for each day. Creativity with creative scholarship on gangs (attendance of two seminars and speaker), web sites on law definitions and labeling theory. Active participation with the Criminal Justice Association. Competent on theory, policy, and practice. Communication with Wednesday grouop, class group and professor outside of class. Submitted IF questions. Course Grade is "A" [12/9] Communicates in class and outside of class with peers and professor. Creative work on gangs. Competent on theory, policy, practice with gang example. Consistent in attendance except for one missed day. Participates regularly in class. Attends discussion groups. Midterm Grade = "A"[11/6] Consistent in class attendance. Communicates opinion on subject matter in class. Creative research on the Internet outside of class (i.e., definitions of certain laws/crimes). [10/9]

Student 8625 - Demonstrated learning more since midterm ROL in class and via e-mails to professor. Worked on IF questions in group. Works with group. All prepareds but one pass. Communicated more since midterm ROL. Researched serial killers. Participates on web board. Course Grade is "B" [12/15] Starting to communicate more since midterm. On the web board consistently. Question regarding debriefing. Understands theories. Lacked in telling professor in class and did not email often. In class, except for excused absences. Did well in communicating with group members. For creativity, reading a book on Jeffrey Dahmer. Midterm Grade is "C+" [11/13] Doing very well right now in understanding the initial exercises, discussions, etc. Has not missed a class yet; with the exception of excused absences. Could work on communication and voicing opinions more in the discussions. [9/25]

Student 8888 - Consistently in class and prepared for all exercises except one. Participates in all class discussions; for example, while studying the Marxcist/conflict theory, answered question involving Quinney's theory of certain groups having the power to label. Creative research on supermax prisons. Attended field trip to RCI. Contributes to web board. Cooperates in group. Name to face. Course Grade is "B" [12/8] Consistently in class and prepared for all exercises except one. Participating in class discussions; for example, some theories should relate criminal actions toward parenting. For creative learning, recently attended RCI field trip. Contributes to web discussion. Cooperates in groups. A little more work on journal. Name to face. Midterm Grade is "B" [11/14] Prepared for all exercises. Participates in class discussions (most recent on death penalty). Works well with group members in communicating with instructor. [10/4]

Student 9243 - All exercises completed except for four passes. Researched kids and violence but did not communicate to professor a lot about it. Communicates whereabouts. Attended Wednesday group discussion. Participated on web board a few times. Course Grade is "B-" [12/15] Communicates whereabouts. Name to face. Prepared every day. Started to contribute to web board. Works in group. Needs to do more creativity. Midterm Grade is "C+" [11/10] Prepared for a majority of exercises . Communicates whereabouts. Face to name. Need to talk more in class. [9/29]

Student 9368 - Since middle of semester, participates on web board. Worked on IF questions to demonstrate competence. Attended video in corrections class. Fell behind in the first eight weeks. Contributes to class discussions on occasion. Course Grade is "B-" [12/11] Communicates whereabouts. Almost all exercises completed, with 3 blanks. Did not speak up in class or communicate learning during first eight weeks. Works well with others. Late midterm ROL. Midterm Grade is "C-" [12/6] Missed two class but communicated whereabouts. Completed almost all pass/prepared exercises. Speaks up in class sometimes but not very often. During first few weeks, worked in a group. No face to name[10/25]

Student 9792 - Since midterm, has participated more in class; for example, got a "good point" response from professor when discussing feminist criminology and white collar crimes. Participates on the web board. Researched gangs. Links class materials to other coursework. Course Grade is "A" [12/8] Speaks up in class more; for example, explained routine activities theory. Participates on criminology web board. Conducting email dialogue with professor. Consistently in class. Has participated more in class discussions; for example, got an "excellent point" comment from professor during class discussion on critique of Miller's theory. Email discussions with professor; trying to fit theory in with real life situations. Continues to work well with group. Has been prepared for all exercises. Researching more on gangs. Midterm Grade is "B+" [11/9] Consistently been to class. Has participated at least once in class discussion; for example, lower classes not being able to afford good attorneys. Works well with group. Has been prepared for every exercise so far. [10/8]

Student 9990 - Communicates with professor with questionis. Consistently emails and attends class. Contributes to class discussions; for example, the Chicago School and concentric zone model. For creativity, researching gangs and juveniles. Course Grade is "B-" [12/8] Contributes to class discussions. Emails instructor regarding assignments. Attended a Wednesday discussion. Prepared except for 2 exercises. No creativity. Midterm Grade is "B-" [11/29] Communicates through email. Cooperates on a consistent level in class. Shows competence by speaking out in class. Need to show creativity. [11/6]