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Non-Aggressive Crocodile

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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: October 9, 2005
Latest Update: October 9, 2005

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Here's another example of what we're doing at CSUDH to plan for our Naked Space Exhibit and to reach out to our community with the exhibit. Not all our friends, neighbors, family will have access to a computer. Not all of them will be able to make the real exhibit. But we can still engage them by using bits and pieces of our discourse that we can use to stimulate the discourse and to leave with them to remind them of things they're interested in. Cards, book marks, boxes, etc.

Non-Aggressive Crocodile in Guelph World - first card sample.

Non-Aggressive Crocodile in Guelph World - first card sample

Non-Aggressive Crocodile cutout from our stamp.

Non-Aggressive Crocodile drawn roughly after our sponge stamp.

We can't send you our stamp, but we can send you something you can copy and cut out for a stencil.

And here's the envelope of all things (except the stamp) that we put together to make the card:

Materials to make the sample card.

Materials to make the sample card.

Well, most of the materials. The kids put in a black column that's too short, and took out the paper I used on the bottom for the water. So things were a little hectic last Wednesday and Thursday. I like Susan's idea better, that you bring the finished product to class for show and tell. But we're making up these rules as we go.

Now don't forget to relate the crocodile to discourse from our classes. Consider the relationship between verbal messages and body language. Remember Quasimodo of Notre Dame de Paris, by Victor Hugo.

Have fun. Find different stamps, different colors, different conceptual links to our discourse. But do make cards to share with friends and family and neighbors so they'll talk to you about major current issues. That's how we build community.

love and peace, jeanne and Susan

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