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Created: July 17, 2001; February 18, 2003; February 9, 2006
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one of jeanne's nightmares of prison. February 18, 2003, after death penalty seminar Death Penalty Index

  • 2001 index on death penalty Not yet completely transferred to this index, but links working.

  • Truth In Justice "Truth in Justice is a non-profit organization working to free wholly innocent men and women convicted of crimes they did not commit, and to prevent wrongful convictions by educating the public regarding the vulnerabilities in the U. S. criminal justice system that make these miscarriages possibl . . . Why should you be concerned about wrongful conviction? The cases here make the answer clear: it can happen to anyone, including you. What can you do? Educate yourself. Ask questions. Think. Stop rewarding malfeasance. It starts with just one person. It starts with YOU." Link checked February 9, 2006.

  • Truth in JusticeOnline Newsletter December, 2005 - January, 2006

  • Southern Center for Human Rights: Death Penalty, Useful Links Link checked February 9, 2006.
  • Southern Center for Human Rights: Death Penalty, Law Review Articles Link added February 9, 2006. You can't access these from this site. But they should be readily available in any large law library or any university research library. Smaller libraries may have some of the higher ranked reviews.

  • Death Penalty System Likened to Professional Sports Truth in Justice article. By Janet L. Conley, Fulton County Daily Report. October 13, 2000. On Good article. Thought you might enjoy it. jeanne Link checked Febrauary 9, 2006.

  • ABA Call for Moratorium on Death Penalty Link checked February 9, 2006.

  • ABA Updates on Death Penalty Issues Link added February 9, 2006.

  • Reanalyis of Evidence in the Case of the Rape in Central Park years ago. Goes to our trust in the "truth" of evidence. Link checked December 6, 2006.

  • Anti-Capital Punishment Resources from the ASC's Critical Criminology Division. Link checked February 9, 2006.

  • Capital Punishment, Death Penalty By Kenneth Cauthen "An essay on capital punishment, giving two arguments, one based on justice and one based on love. Both lead to opposition." Emphasis on theology also included. Summary only available since essay has been published. Link added July 17, 2001.

    From Victim's Perspective:

  • A view on Capital Punishment and the Ramifications Thereof: From a victim's viewpoint. By Ronald W. Carlson. Houston, Texas-Harris County. This is a personaal account of the kind that is often told by those victims who feel intensely the need to forgive and to reconcile. Link added July 17, 2001.

    En espanol:

  • Detalles sobre la Pena de Muerte (A menos de que se indique de otra manera, esta información es válida a partir del 16 de Febrero de 2001).

  • Law and Psychiatry

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