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Field Trips

Tales of Ur-Boor

Tales of An Aesthetic Experience:
the CFA Bargaining Meeting

Tales from Field Trip to
Museum of Latin American Art, June 17

Donna Woods has two pieces of art in a show at, WLCAC

( located in Watts). Pat suggested that I spread the news, so, I am spreading the news. You don't need a formal invitation to attend the show just courage to venture. Pat said that she was familiar with the area. So, if you are interested in going have Pat lead the way. The address is 10950 South Central Ave. LA. 90059 Sunday, June 25th. 3-6pm. Donna Maria Woods.

Mind Candy: The Academy Mind Candy: Science

  • SPARC's Description of Gaea
    what wonderful mind candy! Especially because this is on a site called Space Physics and Aeronomy Research Collaboratory. Bet many of you would never have ventured here on your own! I came across their coloring book Try it! Great way to unwind. Had a wonderful time turning the sun into a many-splendored personage. Yes, you can color outside the lines! Go back to the Index and try other space pictures! And don't forget to explore the whole site with the young people in your family, or even with neighborhood kids!

    Notice that my search for Gaea led me here, which led me to the coloring book. And yes, I almost forgot where I found it, Jerry! Notice that this science site includes mythology and behavioral science.

Mind Candy: Poetry and Art

  • Uma Krishnaswami
  • Mind Candy: Poetry

  • American Verse Project
    at the University of Michigan

    Dis, dat an' tutter : poems
    by Elliott Baline Henderson
    Scroll about a third of the way down the file, to Way Down Souf!, page 16.
    I'd like you to try and see in this poem the means to find empathy through local narrative. Pass? or Prepared? on Way Down Souf!

    The Little Black Boy

  • Theory Readings

    Pass or Prepared?