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  • Lilith and Criminal Justice

    Field Trips:

    • Steve Schalchlin, who wrote and performed The Last Session, will be blaying at the Blue Sphere Alliance in Hollywood, on July 23, and on August 27. Tickets $12. If you'd like to join us, e-mail in for a field trip!

    • Field Trip to an Exhibit of Childhood Revealed Art: Expressing Pain, Discovery, and Home
      An art exhibit by children undergoing difficulties.
      7525 Beverly Blvd., through July 30 (323) 932-6070
      Susan Young sent in the information. If some of us would like to go, we'll need to plan.

    • Field Trip to the Gene Autry Museum
      On Gold Mountain, "The Story of Chinese Americans in the West,"
      opens at the Autry on July 23. Time to start planning our Field Trip.
      What day would be best?
      Link to the Museum, then to What's Going On?, then scroll down to July 23 where you can link onto On Gold Mountain.

    • And another play: "The Last Outpost,"
      On race relations from the perspective of the 1992 rebellion.  The play is set in a bar in central Los Angeles, and will be given at
      Los Angeles Theater Center (LATC)
      in the Bradley Auditorium
      514 S. Spring Street
      (Between 5th & 6th) in downtown L.A.
      The cost is $12.00 regular price and $10.00 for students and seniors.
      Performances are on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.
      and a Sunday matinee at 3:00
      and it features the Watts Theater group. Again, time to make plans.
      Plays through July 30, 2000.

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