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Latest update: November 5, 2000

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Feminist Theory

This multiple interpretations practice is based on an article by Ailbhe Smyth: A (Political) Postcard from a Peripheral Pre-Post-modern State (of Mind) or How Alliteration and Parentheses can Knock you down Dead in Women's Studies

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  1. Does the title suggest that Ailbhe Smyth has an attitude towards theory something like Noam Chomsky's attitude to post-modern cults?

    jeanne's lecute notes:

    The title's playful juxtaposition of academic discourse and the vernacular suggests the irony of literature and the postmodern. At least it promises to be fun to read.

    To compare Ailbhe Smyth's attitude to that of Noam Chomsky in post-modern cults, scroll about halfway down the "theory" and "post-modern cults" file to find this comment on Derrida:

    "So take Derrida, one of the grand old men. I thought I ought to at least be able to understand his "Grammatology," so [I] tried to read it. I could make out some of it, for example, the critical analysis of classical texts that I knew very well and had written about years before. I found the scholarship appalling, based on pathetic misreading; and the argument, such as it was, failed to come close to the kinds of standards I've been familiar with since virtually childhood. Well, maybe I missed something: could be, but suspicions remain, as noted. Again, sorry to make unsupported comments, but I was asked, and therefore am answering. "

    Chomsky is answering a specific question as to why he doesn't take into account the postmodernists. And Chomsky works actively to get humanity to