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On Thursday, September 11, 2003, Maria Rodriguez, CSUDH, wrote:
Hello Jeannie,
My name is Maria Rodriguez, and I have been reading "I don't understand" as Monologic Non-Answerability. I have so much familiarity with what this article expresses, because all my life I have used the words "I DON'T KNOW" when someone asks me a question that I might know. I have always felt intimidated by other people, as if I they were better than me. During my freshman year I really struggled to sit in the front of the class, since I didn't wanted to get picked on by the teacher. Reading this article made me feel that even though I don't know the answer, to try to answer the question and not just say "I DON'T KNOW". Saying I don't know really made me feel bad. I guess now when I don't understand any thing about anything I should ask "What do you mean?" or simply just say "Can you please tell me in a different way because I don't understand what your saying?". I should try not to say "I DON'T UNDERSTAND PERIOD" without trying to make any sense of it. This article really made me feel good; it opened my eyes on how to become a better person.

Maria Rodriguez

On Friday, september 12, 2003, jeanne responded:

What a lovely piece you have written, Maria. I suspect that there is much you'll find you DO know, if you're just willing to trust yourself. I'm sorry it took me so long to realize that we really hadn't done a very good job at any level of school at teaching you what to know when you don't understand a point we're making. Like many simple things, it's so obvious when you think about it, but easy to miss in our hectic schedules.

I'm glad that taking the time to think about this has helped you. It's amazing sometimes how little it takes to help, if we could just remember to try.

love and peace, jeanne