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Week of September 11. . .

Doctor's Reports

  • The Doctor in the morning spoke a little too quickly. Cysts in both breasts were drained at 4 p.m. yesterday by the surgeon. But there were complications with one. They are doing a chemical analysis. But I don't have to go back until October 6 for more tests, which means this is minimally a reprieve, and that it is definitely not a tumor. And maybe it will still mean no cancer, no surgery! I am pleased to report that my husband did not faint, and got me safely home where I promptly collapsed in exhaustion. Thank you all for your prayers. love and peace, jeanne
  • NO CANCER! NO SURGERY! Doctors can treat without surgery. I'll be there next week! jeanne
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    The Farmer and the Snake
    One of this week's interactive projects relates to this imagery.

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  • Watch as new material on Aboriginal Justice goes up for Distributive Justice class.
  • Watch as new material on racial identity goes up!
  • Stratification
    New file for social class resources on theory section of site.
  • Methods
    New file for methods resource page as part of foundational skills in sociology.
  • Marx
    Beginning file on Marx for theory.
  • Academic ToleranceNew file will move shortly into Process Text.
  • How Race Is Lived in America
    Ongoing series at the New York Times. You need to register, but it's free. Pass? or Prepared? up soon. jeanne, July 13, 2000.
  • The White Boy Shuffle We used Paul Beattys book of this name in juvenile justice discussions in the last couple of years. I'd like you to look at this in connection with the Violent Social World of Black Men, and Black Homicide, two books we discussed in juvenile justice in Spring of 2000. Nag me for Pass? or Prepared?s. jeanne, July 18, 2000


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