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Week of September 18 . . .

Doctor's Reports

  • The Doctor in the morning spoke a little too quickly. Cysts in both breasts were drained at 4 p.m. yesterday by the surgeon. But there were complications with one. They are doing a chemical analysis. But I don't have to go back until October 6 for more tests, which means this is minimally a reprieve, and that it is definitely not a tumor. And maybe it will still mean no cancer, no surgery! I am pleased to report that my husband did not faint, and got me safely home where I promptly collapsed in exhaustion. Thank you all for your prayers. love and peace, jeanne
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    Palace of Gold and Light: Treasures from the Topkapi, Istanbul
    Never thought I'd get to see the Topkapi Dagger! Remember the movie? jeanne
    At the San Diego Museum of Art one more week!

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