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Jeanne Curran
Discourse Preparations
Week of October 9, 2000

Where's jeanne?
E-mail in times and topics you'd like to share in our office discussions.
Note that Marlene Boykin and Bobbie Martin are already up for the week of October 9.

Problem Found: Was the medication.
Medication now adjusted. I'm supposed to be fine.
Expect to be in school Monday. Hanging in there. jeanne


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Week of October 2

Mind Candy:
An Anselm Kiefer Painting
Another Powerful Anselm Kiefer Painting

19th and 20th Century Art Links
Maintained by Jeffery Howe, at Boston College, Fine Arts Department.
Excellent Site. Many essays on art and its relation to culture and critical theory.

John Lennon Museum
To Open October 9, 2000.

Coping with Challenge in an Adversarial World:

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Latest update: October 10, 2000.

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