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Week of October 16, 2000

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Week of October 9

Mind Candy:

Michel Foucault's Love Slave at Salon

Happy Birthday from jeanne to all of you!
I've been struggling so to teach you theory, distributive justice, and love and peace
that this is a wonderful moment to offer you wisdom from Noam Chomsky:

On "theory" and "post-modern cults" by Noam Chomsky.

Lest we ever forget and become Michel Foucault's love slave.

Coping with Challenge in an Adversarial World
The Supermother Syndrome
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Recommended Readings for jeanne's Classes:


  • hegemony in reponse to Jeanne Anderson's request.
  • alterity from Leitch on postmodernism.

    Theory Class:

  • Erving Goffman for those who asked.
  • Globalization and the IMF
    Ecuador and Justice, left perspective. Writer addresses Anthony Giddens. Why Giddens?
  • Theory Class Page
  • Theory Multiple Choice Questions
  • Habermas and Foucault Graduate level. Notes up soon. I like the way Stuart Dalton writes; I like the pictures of his classes; explore the site. He's philosophy!
    Stuart Dalton's Site. Check out the picture! Link added October 22, 2000.

    Distributive Justice Class:

    Statistics Class: