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Jeanne Curran
Discourse Preparations
Week of November 13, 2000
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Week of November 6, 2000

Patas Arriba (Upside Down) Bufon de Juan Guadalupe Posada
by Eduardo Galeano.
"Galeano takes us on a dark tour throught the rabbit hole at the End of History. Like the revolutionary printmaker Posada, he unmasks the belle epoque of the bourgeoisie as a danse macabre of the masses. No one has focused greater moral clarity on the inhuman conditions and radical inequalities that sustain the mirage of the New Economy." Mike Davis, author of Ecology of Fear, from the book jacket.

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Latest update: November 12, 2000

jeanne and Susan Takata will be in San Francisco Wednesday
with JaiTee Speed and Marlene Boykin and Jaime Shepherd and Jerry Gilmore

Intertextuality as a Tool for Information Distribution Wednesday's Paper
Excluded Identities and Structural Violence Friday's Paper

For the American Society of Criminology Annual Meetings, where they will present two papers in separate panels. To find the papers: Link to the ASC Conference, then to the Alphabetical Participant Index, then to C for Curran, then to Curran, Jeanne, and then to either the Wednesday or the Friday session. Link to the Title of the Paper for the abstract.

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The Culture of Spontaneity:

The Girl with the Knife Painting at SFMOMA

Yoshitomo Nara at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,
The Darker Side of Playland:
Childhood Imagery
, from the Logan Collection.

Helnwein's Malevolent Mickey Mouse also in San Francisco MOMA Exhibit:
Gottfried Helnwein
Link to Artist, then Biography.
Link to Works for the Adoration of the Magi as Fascist Officers.
Heavy symbolism typical of Helnwein's work.

Partial List of Texts Ordered for Spring 2001:

Recommended Readings for jeanne's Classes:

  • Elections, 2000. Online.
  • Theory Class

    • Radical Philosophy
      Link to Issues List in left-most frame, then scroll down the whole list to Issue No. 103, September/October 2000. Link to that issue. Then link to "Empire, or Multitude: Transnational Negri," by John Kraniauskas.
      This article gives you some important information on the 21st Century's beginning to re-interpret Marx. Online.
      "It is `one of the most brilliant, erudite, and yet incisively political interpretations to date of the phenomenon called "globalization"' writes Chakrabarty [subalternist historian Dipesh Chakrabarty]; and more - `The first great new theoretical synthesis of the new millennium', according to Jameson, `a comprehensive new historical narrative, which is both a critique of a wide variety of contemporary theory and a prophetic call for energies to come'. Thus Empire arrives as a prepackaged intellectual event imprinted with its status as both a galvanizing political document and a fundamental critical diagnosis of contemporary global capitalism. Few works of radical criticism have been so well `placed' in the intellectual market. For Zizek, the authors offer us `nothing less than a rewriting of The Communist Manifesto for our time' which `ring[s] the death-bell not only for the complacent liberal advocates of the "end of history", but also for pseudo-radical Cultural Studies which avoid the full confrontation with today's capitalism'."
    • Multiple Perspectives on Violence: Frantz Fanon Online.
    • Social Policy: Between Theory and Practice Online.

    Distributive Justice Class

    Love and Peace Class

    Read Ahead:

    On the Role of Spontaneity in Paradigm Shifts

    Statistics Class: