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Jeanne Curran
Discourse Preparations
Week of December 4
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Week of November 27, 2000
Voice of the Shuttle

Structural Violence and the Presidential Elections 2000:
Policy Discussion

And see Throwing Out Data in the 2000 Elections

Programs for Tuesday and Wednesday Classes
Week of December 4, 2000!

Trust and Respect
Notes from Tuesday (December 5) night's distributive justice workgroup
Notes from Wednesday (December 6) afternoon's statistics workgroup
A Modern Social Theory Workgroup (Soc 355)
A Distributive Justice Workgroup (Soc 595, 395)
A Paradigm Shift Away from Adversarialism Workgroup (Love and Peace, Soc 395)
A Statistics Imaginary Workgroup (Soc 220)
Stuff We Gotta Know for Last Day Classes

Link to Tyler Orenchuk's artwork. Tyler Orenchuk, 1998
Click on image. It's a link to the college art gallery.
Okanagan University College, BFA Graduating Exhibition.

Brian: "I was hungry! I'll read The Wretched of the Earth; I promise."
Tyron: "But it's structurally violent to demand respect for learning!"
jeanne:"The dangers of a little theoretical knowledge!"

Click HERE for a theoretical discussion of the effect of lateness on concentration
in class, and hence, respect for learning.

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