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CSUDH Reports of Learning for Fall 2000
Week of December 11
Dialog on What We Learned: jeanne and Susan

Grades Are Completed. The school will post them tomorrow night.
Now I can get back to Who's Who in Academic Discourse

jeanne's schedule for exam week

It's about 4 p.m. Thursday, and I'm pretty sure I'll live. I sure hope that was "the" flu! jeanne
Pat's back, too. I tried putting up more reports of learning and academic discourse this morning, but I didn't quite make it. Couldn't even express myself well enough to put up the next installment of Darkness in El Dorado review. I think I might have been temporarily "speechless." More soon, once reports of learning are done.

The Denouement: Concession and Its Aftermath

In my wildest moments I could never have dreamt of reading the Per Curiam decision and Darkness in El Dorado together, with the flu! I'm still trying to sort it all out in my head. It has to do with authenticity, Michael. And with identity, and integrity, and with structural violence and adversarialism. Except, Michael, I'm not convinced that there is "an" authentic self any more than there is "a reality." Tina, it has to do with spirituality, and, yes, we really do have to talk about religion. And, no, Araceli, you're not alone in any of these issues, and I'm thrilled that the site lets you all join in the discussion.

I'll need a little time to sort this week out. But some of you will want to look at some of what is out there already. So here are links to the Opinions, and some commentaries that will give you some clues as to how I'll be using this material next semester. I've decided that the best way to teach Moot Court will be to use the U.S. Supreme Court Opinion on Bush v. Gore. I'll try to get up notes by next week. If you're reading ahead, don't go nuts with legal terms. I'll be explaining them. What we'll focus on is the actual argumentation and the rhetoric. We'll use this to argue our own issue on transforming discourse. Meanwhile, links:

The Florida Elections 2000 Cases
The Per Curiam Opinion with Concurrences and Dissents Supreme Court Site. pdf format.
The Per Curiam Opinion with Concurrences and Dissents Findlaw Site. html format.
U.S. Supreme Court Site

Florida State Courts SiteFlorida Supreme Court Opinions on Elections 2000 Cases.
Mirror Site with Florida Opinions

Commentaries on Ruling:
TR Young's Comments on the Supreme Court Ruling PSN
Re: Another Day that Will Live in Infamy by Rich Rees PSN
Opinion Is Sharply divided on Ruling's Consequences by Robert G. Kaiser, Washington Post, Wednesday, december 13, 2000.
A Well-Reasoned "Right to Vote" Ruling in the Eye of the Storm: Why the Supreme Court's Election Opinion Was Neither Partisan Nor Political by Marci Hamilton. Findlaw Site.
The Election: Not a Constitutional Crisis, After All by Marci Hamilton. Findlaw Site
All Partisans All the Time: The Florida Supreme Court and Its Critics by Barton Aronson. Findlaw Site. Analysis of state standard on counting votes.
What Counts as "Voting": the Core of the Fight Over Florida's Election by Sherry F. Colb. Findlaw Site.
We Need a Constitutional Right to Vote in Presidential Elections by Michael C. Dorf. Findlaw Site.
Reading the Florida Supreme Court's Opiniion: The Usual, the Unusual, and the Extraordinary by Julie Hilden. Findlaw Site.
The Battle Over Election Spin: How Gore Can Fight His Portrayal as a Sore Loser by Julie Hilden. Findlaw Site. The issue here is how you can use this information in your legal argument. What role does spin play?
The Supreme Court's Monday Oral Argument in Gore v. Bush, and the Meaning of Judicial Activism by Edward Lazarus. Findlaw Site.
A New Analogy for the Current Election Predicaament: The O.J. Simpson Trial by Edward Lazarus. Findlaw Site.
Lima, Teguchigalpa and Tallahassee: Election Lessons from Abroad by Joanne Mariner. Findlaw Site.

Study Ahead Material Online:
Virtual Supreme Court University of Pennsylvania Law School.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Court-Packing Speech

Honors in Discourse!
Dialog on What We Learned: jeanne and Susan

Will WORK for a perm!

A Day that will Live in Infamy by TR Young:

"It would be good if our grand-children
learned more than did we
in the schools and churches of America."

Florida Supreme Court Reverses Circuit Court
and Orders Hand Recounts

NY Times, December 8, 2000

NY Times Interactive Guide to Election
Link to Interactive Guide in left-most frame.
Note use of mapping: counties involved.
NY Times, December 9, 2000.

Officials Chase Elusive Sense of Certainty on the Other Side of Statistical Significance
NY Times, December 10, 2000.

To the US Supreme Court: An Appeal to Reason
Asks the Supreme Court to permit the counting of votes.
I thought some of you might want to sign. jeanne
My vote got lost! Shades of Florida! But some of yours are there!

jeanne's Adventures at the AAA in San Francisco
jeanne's Review of Darkness in El Dorado Beginning.
Winner-Take-All Attitude of Dominant Discourse
Trying to Bridge the 'Death Gap' Confronting Minority Groups by John Langone
New book on race and health confirms that all social science
must contend with the attitude of empire and dominance.. Routledge.

Almost Always Deceived:
Revolutionary Praxis and Reinventions of Need

Marxist Conference in Florida in March, 2001.
Deadline for submission, February 1.
Shall we plan to submit? We'll have to work over the break. jeanne

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Recommended Readings for Over the Break.


  • Patrick Tierney's Darkness in El Dorado See Moot Court texts.W.W. Norton & Company. 2000. ISBN: 0-393-04922-1. I've just begun putting up notes for Reading Along with jeanne. The more I read, the more I am impressed with Tierney's restraint. He does not accuse Neel and Chagnon of intending harm to the Yanomami. He accuses them of placing their own interests above those of the Yanomami through their insensitivity to the consequences of many of their actions. He could accuse most of us of that and be right. It used to be called imperialism. It's just that now we've come to questions whether we have the ethical right to ignore harm we cause to the "Other." I think this is a book we all need to read. jeanne. December 12, 2000.
  • Archbishop Tutu's No Future Without Forgiveness. Under $15 in lots of places. See Peace and Conflict texts.
  • Why They Kill See Criminology texts.
  • The Law of Forgiving by Martha Minow. Findlaw site.
  • Gordon Fellman's Rambo and the Dalai Lama. See Theory texts.


Post-Colonial Readings:

Postmodern Criminology:

Human Rights: