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Discourse Preparation: Week 3
Week of February 12, 2001
Uploaded Saturday Morning, February 10, 2001

Answered most of the e-mail through Saturday morning!!
But I may have missed a few.

Carla Shaw's e-mail is still up as a sample at Recognizing Structural Violence

And the cough is asthma! Jeanne Anderson and Jenny Allen and all of you were right.
I did tell the doctors, but they just ignored what we were saying. It's called structural violence.
No perpetrator, remember? Just not fitting the routinized categories of "their" thinking.

 'Hack, hack, hack,' chirps Mimi of La Boheme.

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Assignment for All Classes for Week 3:
Will have more up shortly, but the hacking is wearing me out. Gonna take a break. jeanne
Please read:

  1. Progressive Sociologists Net
    Please read the thread on Marxist approach to grading and learning.
    Check out the article on The Culture Club on February 9, 2001.
  2. Alan Ryan's review of Diane Ravitch's Left Back: A Century of Failed Schools in New York Review of Books, February 22, 2001.
    Will get up brief summary of this soon. jeanne

  3. Can we codify respect?
  4. and The Egyptian Priest of Rules
  5. Links on Jean-Michel Basquiat
  6. Basquiat and PostColonialism The Wild Child and Francois Villon's Ballade des Pendus, Ballad of the Hanged.
  7. Power and Solitude Alfred de Vigny's poem, Moise, in French and English.

Reading Preparations by Class:

Moot Court: Arguing Justice

  • Mark Danner's "The Road to Illegitimacy" Feature article, New York Review of Books. February 22, 2001.Online. Discussion questions:

    1. President Clinton is quoted as saying: "I guess you could say that the people have spoken, and now we have to figure out what they said." Supreme court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is quoted as saying: " when she inquired of David Boies in some irritation: 'Well, why isnít the standard the one that voters are instructed to follow, for goodness sakes? I mean, it couldnít be clearer.' " What is the unstated assumption being privileged here, and who is privileging it? Who is Old Enoch and how does he fit into this discussion?

    2. What is hermeneutics, and how does it apply to this discussion?