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Volume 8, No. 9: Week 9
Week of March 26, 2001
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College students, all in a row!
The structural violence of dominant discourse.

Caliifornia State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest Update: March 27, 2001


Hey, Mom, Look at Us!
We're having discourse with the authors of our texts!

Grades: Spring 2001 Revised Wednesday morning, March 21, 2001!

Instructions for studying for and taking tests for classes.

  • Western Social Science Association Panels Check out the Conference Schedule. I'll get up the abstracts soon. These work teams are open to all students.

  • Paper accepted to American Society of Criminology Susan Takata wrote on Wednesday, March 28, 2001: "just got our paper accepted to the ASC meetings in Atlanta in November: the one called "transforming the imaginary!" add that to your resumes." Transforming the imaginary and Susan and Mac and Gale on our imaginary

  • Working out our plans for Issue 10 in Week 10.

  • Respect that We Do No Harm

    Art Exhibits Coming Up

    • California African American Museum, Celebration and Vision:The Hewitt Collection of African American Art. Ends April 15.
      600 State Drive, Exposition Park, L.A. Tue.-Sun., 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

      Review of the Exhibit in Black Collegian Online. Do make an effort to see this. I'll post a time and meeting place if some of you want to go as a field trip, but I'll be in Washington in early April, so I may not make it. jeanne

      Don't miss the four paintings to which you can link at the bottom of the Black Collegian Online file. One of my favorites is Easter.

    You Gotta Read This!

    • New tags so we can find our way through the birdie page as I add things all week long.

    • WatCh: What About the Children? Don't miss the cartoon! And then be sure not to miss the article on Relative Values - or Separation Anxiety and C.J.D. (Mad Cow Disease). States the position on "mother belongs at home with infant." This site is in the U.K., which has different economic constraints and different support programs. Backup.

    • I Am NOT Them Derrick Bell said: "If black people had not existed, white people would have had to invent them." The voice of the "Other."

    • Check out the new student page so you can locate each other's discussion groups and work together across classes.

    • Susan and Mac and Gale in Wisconsin For those of you who want to go on with your sociology, read this account of how are Wisconsin counterparts are coping with the Reno papers.

    • Author Index I just started to catch this up, so you can find each other's work more easily. This is going to take a while. Your job: e-mail me when you haven't yet been included, if you can tell me the file you published in. If you don't know the file name, you'll need to wait until I find it by going through the site. Do you want me to file by first AND last names? Or will last names first do? Updated.

    • Cecil Greek's Newsmaking Criminology Site I'd like you to look at this particularly in terms of Constitutive Theory. Recall that Henry and Milovanovic suggest that the media are one source of a paradigm shift to constitutive criminology.

    • Left/Right Perspectives Slowly adding sources.

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    <Graduates asking to be heard in good faith.

    May our voices be heard!
    We'd like our names called as we receive our diplomas from a college official, please.
    We've been taught that ritual is important, and we know it is for our families!