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Images of the World:
The Wall of Global Images

Three by twelve foot Mural in Odense, Denmark, by Mexican muralist, Gustavo Chávez Pavón.
Work done collaboratively at the workshop of Jens Galschiot, Danish sculptor.

Press Release on Pavon's Mural
Collaborative work on mural in workshop
View of mural on private view day.

Recommended Reading Ahead:

I put these up for your reading pleasure. Do try to read ahead because we are all pressed for time during the semester. Be sure to check previous weeks, too. I'm still working at expanding the index. There's a template up for each class this Spring, and now I'm trying to fill them in. It's quite a job, and I'm sure it won't be perfect, but I think you'll like it. jeanne

You'll find stuff going up at:

First excerpt from Said's Culture AND Imperialism Online.
Start of second excerpt from Said'sCulture AND Imperialism Online.

"After holiday break, ballot review may take 3 weeks" Published Wednesday, December 20, 2000, in the Miami Herald. By Beth Rinhard. Story on the Miami Herald count of Florida vote. Link added December 24, 2000. Online.

Racist Gore, Racist Democratic Party by Steve Rosenthal. Rosenthal's take on the recent handling of elections. Based on O brother, where art thou?, an article by an up and coming young black writer, Tamala Edwards. Those of you who were sharing Devyn Johnson's disillusionment over your vote not counting, might want to take a look at Wiliam Julius Wilson's argument, as Rosenthal summarizes it. Compare the brief summary at the connection, and at University of California Press and Robert Jaquay's review. We'll discuss the dilemma of facing divergent views like this on the extent to which "racism" and "coalition" conflict and merge. Be sure to take into consideration Fellman's paradigm shift from adversarialism to mutuality. Online.

ColorLines: Race, Culture, Action
Excerpt from ColorLines on Progressive Sociologists Net
by Joe Feagin, President, American Sociology Association, 2000. Online.

Postcolonial Theorists Landow's site at Brown. Online.

Nature AND Nurture: The IQ Controversy Online.

How to Achieve World Peace A summary of the book Peace Within Our Grasp By Crandall R. Kline Jr., August 1999. Online.

NY Times high stakes [testing] article by Peter Farruggio. PSN Important because "high stakes" testing is the most possible adversarial way of punishing those who do not learn, whether we have taught them or not. Be sure to link to the article itself, NY Times, "Student Failure Causes States to Retool Testing Programs," by Jacques Steinberg, December 22, 2000. And be sure to read both sides. I'll hunt for conservative responses. Also consider interpreting this from Edward Said's postcolonial approach that the arrogance of dominance permeates the whole culture of the West. Online.

Forum: Qualitative Social Research Scroll down about 3/4 of an inch and link to Fulltexts for Volume 1 (3). Our work is extensively with qualitative data. This journal offers extensive help with archiving and analyzing such data. Recommended especially for those of you who will be presenting professional papers, and/or working with Moot court 2001. Online.