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Week of January 8, 2001
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The Cosmos of Learning

jeanne's imaginary at work on the attractions of the universe of learning.
At first this was a different perspective of Mac. But then I met Mac, through our drawings, of course, but she wasn't at all like this suave, sophisticated blonde. Maybe I'll do a version of her as Tina Juen, or as Bobbie Martin, or as Ana Sepulveda, all of whom have trouble taking their eyes off the universe.

jeanne's imaginary of Ana contemplating the Southern Hemisphere over Chile.

Painting Lessons for Untrained Artists That Will Work on the Lab Computers and at Home
Interactive painting projects of our discourse about to begin.

Harlem Renaissance Art and Poetry
Jill Diesman's Home Page at Northern Kentucky University.
Link on thumbnail for image of Blue Nile painting by Palmer Hayden
on Jill Diesman's Site.
There is an exhibit of Palmer Hayden's work at the California African American Museum:
600 State Drive, Exposition Park, L.A. (213) 744-2060
"Echoes of Our Past: The Narrative Artistry of Palmer C. Hayden"
Ends January 12, 2001.

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