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Identifying the Opposing Positions on Drug Use and Punishment

Added to Site on January 12, 1999

In the Minneapolis Star-Tribune on Wednesday, December 30, 1998, Jeff Goodman published "Commentary: What a prison sentence really means". He is a software engineer now, and speaks of his seven years in prison for a non-violent felony. He speaks of the horror of a prison system that incarcerates people who are not a threat to society and who could better repay the community for their crimes. He speaks of the labelling of all who break the law as "criminals," and of what that means in today's penal system.

I received notice of this editorial from a list to which I belong because of my work in criminal justice. The list provided a link to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, where I did a search for Jeff Goodman and found both his editorial comment, and the letters to the editor which followed. I have sent a request to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to make these letters available. I will let you know as soon as I hear from them. jeanne, March 11, 2000.

Comments in " Thursday letters from readers" on Thursday, January 7, 1999: Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Comment by Paul M. Bischke, St. Paul, Minnesota: ]Echos John Goodman's piece and recommends the following readings: