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Self Test on Ecstasy Exhibit

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Created: November 7, 2005
Latest Update: November 7, 2005

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  1. Why titles like Ecstasy and Helter Skelter?

    See the Times article on the titles.

  2. What does "eponymous" mean?

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary Search:

  3. Why do you suppose Kimmelman called "investigation of doubt as a radical critique of Enlightenment rationalism" catalog claptrap? What does "claptrap" mean?

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary Search:

    I think "pretentious" is the key word. jeanne

  4. Kimmelman speaks of ecstasy having provided "intense feelings of connectedness with one's companions and with humanity in general." We might today speak of social learning, answerability, the Other. Kimmelman suggests that the drugs of the 60s provided such feelings, but that we seem to have lost that today. He reviews the exhibit as providing some sense of this connectedness we keep trying to achieve. If you could go to the exhibit, what signs of connectedness would you look for in the art exhibited, in the visitors?

    Consider what Kimmelman calls "good theatre." Ecstasy will remain open through February 20 downtown. Try to see it.

  5. Kimmelman says: "There is a dream of radicalism and the cynical sense of its inevitable corruption - an awareness that utopia and dystopia are often the same." What does he mean by this?

    Consider that Utopia and dystopia are ideologies, extremes. The real world is more complex. This is what Adorno and Horkheimer realized when they despaired that the Second World War seemed to be the human response to enlightenment. Not so enlightened, hmmm?? Leads some of us to say: there are no "right" answers; there are no metanarratives.

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