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Created: March 25, 2002
Latest Update: March 25, 2002

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Shifts Towards Privatization

Copyright: Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata and Individaul Authors, February 2002.
"Fair use" encouraged.

Toward a Pragmatic Understanding of Status-Consciousness: The Case of Deregulated Education Tomiko Brown-Nagin. Cited: 50 Duke L. J. 753. At p. 753.

Link to Abstract, and read at least the abstract for the article. Note, once again, the complexity of balancing voice and loyalty of interest. Schools are one institutional structure for whcih it no longer suffices to consider soundbites. Law Journal articles such as this one, offer us some insights into the complexity. They certainly don't offer answers, but they may give us the more sophisticated analyses on which we can base better decisions in the future.

I'll try to get discussion topics up shortly. March 26, 2002. Good idea to nag me if you need this in the near future. jeanne