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Frantz Fanon

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Latest update: November 12, 2000

The Wretched of the Earth

Review Essay by jeanne and Susan.

On p. 38 Fanon describes the colonial world as divided between the capitalist countries that have colonized and the colonial countries:

The colonial world is a world cut in two. . . . In capitalist societies the educational system, whether lay or clerical, the structure of moral reflexes handed down from father to son, the exemplary honesty of workers who are given a medal after fifty years of good and loyal service, and the affection which springs from harmonious relations and good behavior--all these aesthetic expressions of respect for the established order serve to create around the exploited person an atmosphere of submission and of inhibition which lightens the task of policing considerably. . . . In the colonial countries, on the contrary, the policeman and the soldier, by their immediate presence and their frequent and direct action maintain contact with the native and advise him by means of rifle butts and napalm not to budge. It is obvious here that the agents of government speak the language of pure force. The intermediary does not lighten the oppression, nor seek to hide the domination; he shows them up and puts them into practice with the clear conscience of an upholder of the peace; yet he is the bringer of violence into the home and into the mind of the native. . . .

Why does Fanon see contradictions in whether those enforcing peace are in fact bringing violence? Map out that argument.

Lecture notes up soon. . . . November 12, 2000. jeanne