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Created: January 10, 2002
Latest Update: January 14, 2002

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It matters not if I agree or disagree . . .

Journal entry by Lisa J. Stevens

Copyright: Jeanne curran and Susan R. Takata and Lisa J. Stevens and Individual authors. January 2002. "Fair Use" encouraged.

On Monday, January 14, 2002, Lisa J. Stevens wrote:

Subject: Re: Students for International Peace and Justice--Hope this helps...lisa

Dear jeanne:

Dearhabermas has been a wonderful outlet for me during these last months. While I have always enjoyed using the site for the issues that we discussed in class, it has been more important lately as a place to express my fears, sympathy, empathy and anger experienced since 9/11.

The blow to the ego, consciousness and reality of our United States is something that I could not have fathomed. That this country could ever experience such a tradegy and loss was inconceivable to me prior to 9/11/01, yet at the same time I wondered how we had escaped something like this for so long. What was so wonderful about the site, was on a daily basis, I could read about the disbelief, the horror and the responsiblity that was felt by other members of our communites, worldwide.

On the site I was able to express my first reaction to the attack, "What would Gandhi say?" Knowing I was in the minority and feeling very frightened, I could express my unpopular view stating that, after some thought, I was amazed that we had been so long in getting some of "our own medicine." This country is everywhere, trying to manage and control people in this world where we have no business. I wish, unrealistically, that we could have peacefully resolved this I did not know.

Writing to the site, sounding off my opinions and checking in to see what was going on in the minds of others gave me a sense of "doing" something in a situation where there was not much that I could literally do. The confusion, hurt pride, loss of life and utter despair felt when facing this issue was lessened by having a place to go.

For this I thank you and all the people who continue to enrich my life with their contributions. It matters not if I agree or disagree, because as i read the opinions and feelings of others, my belief is reaffirmed that in this country we do, at least, have a right to freedom of speech.

As always, thanks for hearing me tonight.
lisa j. stevens

On Monday, January 14, jeanne responded:

Lisa, you've said this very well. I agree. The existence of Dear Habermas as a forum with which we felt comfortable mattered to my sorting out of the issues and the feelings also. And it mattered that the issues and feelings read gave me direction in what I read and painted. love and peace, jeanne