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Latest update: June 28, 1999
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Help a Friend with the GED

PBS Literacy Link
Adult Learner's WWW Resources
National Institute for Literacy Links
GTE Links Virginia for Literacy
Outreach and Technology Assistance Network (OTAN)
Literacy Online
The Adult Literacy and Technology Network

Ravenna Program on Largest to Smallest
This program from the National Institute for Literacy Lincs has a
Cheat Mode which provides the answer if the student wants that support.
Take a look at this training test for the GED. And note that Kent State
doesn't take itself so seriously that it can't recognize the need not to frustrate
the learner. We need to take that into account in our authentication of
learning, don't we? Some of us prefer to move forward only when
we are sure-footed. Link added June 28, 1999.