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Latest update: July 14, 2000
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New GED Online Course on Internet

GED Online $50 for four-month access.

We are pleased to see that an online course is being offered at a reasonable price. Visit the site and take the tour offered there. I was pleased to see that they offer on their Home Page links to the Center for Adult Learning and to the Online Webster Dictionary. I was particularly pleased to see that when you link on either of those sites, they come up on a different screen, adding a button to your taskbar. So you can easily click the task bar to move from the GEDonline site to the dictionary and back. My taskbar now has one button for GEDonline, one for the Center for Adult Learning, and one for the Merriam-Webster dictionary site. Good web site design! I could leave the dictionary window active, and go back to the dictionary whenever I want to, just by clicking on that button. If you'd like to learn how to use your taskbar like this, link to How to Work More Effectively with Your Taskbar.

The GEDonline course seems to include essay writing and collection. Though I did not have access to these features, the information on their Tour indicates that they offer both e-mail correspondence with their teachers, and a chat club. Those are good features.

I would hope that GEDonline would add a link to information about who they are, who they are affiliated with, and what qualifications their teachers have. Our Dear Habermas students will recognize that as a standard question for evaluating the scholastic qualifications of a site. At the bottom of their home page is an invitation to ask questions by e-mail.

I would also hope that they will modify their admonition: "Your success depends on how hard you work." Again, many members of the Dear Habermas community will recall Leo Buscaglia's teachings that each individual is unique, and that success comes in many different guises, and depends on many different factors, some of which we are often unaware. I would hope that everyone who exhibits the courage to come back to a task once left undone, for whatever reasons, will know that hard work counts, but that failure on a test is just failure on a test, not a measure of who you are. I would rather see: "Success depends on many things. Hard work is one of them." With that caveat, we welcome you back to a task at which we wish you well and suggest that you explore the GEDonline site.