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Getting Started on Grades

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Created: October 1, 2003
Latest Update: October 1, 2003

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Late registration, not enough books ordered, the book store burning down --- chaos. And you're late! You know you should turn something in, but you're not sure what.

This file is designed to take you through your first submissions.

    If you are in more than one course with me,

  1. pick one course for your first submission:

    I'd like you to start with Week 1 because that was the week in which we discussed how we teach and how we learn and why I need to know your learning style.

  2. Preparatory readings, minimal:

  3. What to write:

    • If this is your first submission, please write a paragraph explaining the differences you see in grading for this course. For example, why don't we give tests? What does that have to do with answerability?

    • Tell me how you feel about that. Does it seem difficult? Does it scare you? Does it please you? Why?

    • Remember that if this is your first occasion for "answering," I want to hear what you feel, how well you understand what we're trying to do.

  4. Concepts you should use so I can see you understand them:

  5. Submitting your work:

    Work with tutoring aides on your submission.

    • Then e-mail it to