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The term that "God is dead" seems so frightening that we rush to deny it, sometimes without thinking about what Nietzsche meant.
"What Nietzsche is concerned at in relating the above is that God is dead in the hearts of modern men - killed by rationalism and science. This same God however, before becoming dead in men's hearts and minds, had provided the foundation of a "Christian-moral" defining and uniting approach to life as a shared cultural set of belief fully within which people had lived their lives. "Nietzsche seems to be suggesting that the acceptance of the Death of God will also involve the ending of accepted standards of morality and of purpose. Without the former and accepted faith based standards society is threatened by a nihilistic situation where peoples lives are not particularly constrained by considerations of morality or particularly guided by any faith related sense of purpose."

From Friedrich Nietzsche: God is dead quote From the philosophy notes site.

But phrase like "your God is dead; mine is alive" are not far from some of the religious arguments going on right now. So it's time to go back to Nietzsche and realize that we have never been sure about how to keep the God issue from brimming over into the wars of religion. Nietzsche says it's our fault, killed as this site interprets it, "by rationalism and science." I'm afraid I find that explanation a little too simplistic. Rationalism has its place, so does science. Both can be used in the name of evil as well as good. It's their use we must be careful of. And there are other ways of knowing: intuition, spirituality, the authority of traditions that belong belong to our own cultural groups.

Nietasche was giving his interpretation of what "man" has done to the world through greed, ignorance, and the arrogance of faith in his own reasoning and beliefs.

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