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Created: January 25, 2001
Latest Update: January 27, 2001

Grade Form: Required for All Classes

This form will be filled out during the first weeks of class. You will be asked to work with a research assistant or with a student who is familiar with the procedure. Please notice that this form gives you lots of choice. It would be better if you held yourself accountable for only 100%. Tina Juen noticed how overwhelming this might be for someone new, and suggested that we work together to fill these out. Good suggestion, Tina. Tina also suggested that she would probably have ended up with 530% instead of a mere 100%. I can see that that could be a problem. Stop by the office; talk to Marlene Boykin, or Donna Woods, or Patricia Acone, or Bobbie Martin, or any of us that happen to be around. We'll help you. jeanne, January 27, 2001.

Name: _____________________________________
You may resubmit this form if you later change your mind, as often as you wish, until grades are calculated.

E-Mail: ____________________________________
List all addresses from which you normally e-mail. You may change this by adding or deleting addresses on this form in our office, SBS B 336.

Class: _____________________________________

  • Soc. 355-01: Theory
  • Soc. 368-01: Criminology
  • Soc. 370-01: Moot Court
  • Soc. 395-02: Peace and Conflict
  • Soc. 596-01: Practicum
  • Independent Study

Date of Submission: ______________________________________

Selected Measures for Learning in this class:

  1. Self-Report Measures: Up to 20% may be selected.

    1. Self-Tests: (Up to 10%)

      Self-tests: __________ % selected.

    2. Journal: (Up to 20%)

      Journal: __________ % selected.

    3. Dictionary Record: (Up to 10%)

      Dictionary Record: __________ % selected.

      Total Self-Report: __________ % selected.

    4. Creative Measures: Up to 80% may be selected.

      1. Latent Learning: (Up to 20%)

        • Asking questions.
        • Summarizing what we covered.
        • Sharing your knowledge.
        • Sharing your silence.

        Latent Learning: __________ % selected.

      2. Speaking Out On Your Own: (Up to 20%)

        • I think I've got it!
        • Reactions to reading.

        Speaking Out on Your Own: __________ % selected.

      3. Analysis and Synthesis: (Up to 80%)

        • Academic Discourse Participation (Up to 60%)
        • Research Team (Up to 60%)
        • Presentation of Professional Paper (Up to 40%)

        Total Analysis and Synthesis: __________ % selected.

      4. Interactive Projects: (Up to 80%)

        • Whos' Who in Academic Discourse (Up to 40%)
        • Debriefing from Field Experience (Up to 40%)

        Total Interactive: __________ % selected.

      5. Measuring and Reporting Your Own Learning: (Up to 10%)

        Total Measuring and Reporting: __________ % selected.

        Total Creative: __________ % selected.

      6. Traditional Measures: Up to 60% may be selected.

        1. Mid-Term Essay Exam (Up to 30% may be selected.)

          Mid-Term Exam: __________ % selected.

        2. Final Essay Exam (Up to 30% may be selected.)

          Total Final Exam: __________ % selected.

          Total Traditional: __________ % selected.

          Total Grade: __________ 100 %.

          We suggest that you keep a copy of this form, so that you can look at your work as an overview of what you are presenting for your grade. We realize that you may change your mind at some point. You are welcome to do that. But by the time we add up final grades be sure that you can discuss what you accomplished for your grade.