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Interdependent Assessment of Grades

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Latest update: May 26, 2000
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Form to Guide You in Assessment

Do send in your grade form if you haven't already done so. I'm trying to get the grades up. It takes a while. I'll link them from here. jeanne

We are going to take the last two weeks for performance, and to negotiate grades. You will recall that I base grades on continuity (that you stayed in touch), on competence (that you have given me some evidence of genuine understanding of the basic concepts we have discussed), cooperation (that you gave me some evidence of joining in the interdependent process of learning), and creativity (that you gave me some evidence of the creative inclusion of knowledge gained this semester into your apperceptive mass).

Over the next three weeks our communication will be extremely important, because that is when you get to check that I have heard what you have tried to tell me, and for us each to make sure that we understand. I have already begun the reports of learning, though I haven't had time to put them up yet. I will put up my perceptions, you will correct them, I will put up new ones, you will correct them, until we agree upon the measure of your learning. You must do this now. It will be a mess to correct grades later.

Here's what I need to begin to put up my perception of grades:

  1. Your name, as it will appear on roll sheet:

  2. The last four numbers of your student ID:

  3. Name by which I know you, if different:

  4. E-mail address(es) you used this semester for Pass or Prepared? and Comments:

  5. Your reminder of things that you have done for this class this semester:

    This should come from your review of your own work, and you should bear in mind that with 255 students, I will not be able to focus on your work as much as you can focus on your own work. This is also where you get to think over the communication we have had all semester and be sure that you really did communicate both your efforts and your learning to me.

    This is not an essay. Although you need not stay within 25 words, you should remember that I am going to use this to remind me of what I should already know. A few paragraphs should suffice.

  6. Remind me of any special activities in which you took part.

  7. Remind me of any special responsibiliities you took over.

  8. Remind me of any special projects you did.

Our first task this week will be to revise the form, and to be sure we all understand it. Then let the fun begin!

Please note that with this form I can locate all your e-mail, and will let you each know that I have it. I have arranged to give you information on what I have and to let you correct that information by communicating with me. I am asking you to take a look at your own performance from your own perspective, so that your voice is heard.

Every student must find some way to communicate with me, face to face, over the next three weeks, so that I am sure I know you. No grades by long distance. We are not separated by hundreds of miles. I know this request is structurally violent, but I need to see you and be sure that I know you.



I have been at work all week on the reports of learning, but I have done them collectively, and can't put them up that way. Next week they will be on the computer. Pat and I turned them in today, Friday, May 26. They'll go up on May 31, I believe.

I had to work quickly because I have only the one computer at home that can use the programs I need. That's a lot of records, so I had to choose between finishing the records and turning in your grades. I chose to turn them in.

This doesn't mean that I won't put up your reports of learning as letters of recommendation. Most of them are already written in my head, if not up on the site. And it does not mean, as Stephanie Anderson asked, that you won't get to participate in writing the letter. It does mean that next semester we have to start this process much sooner. But we've all learned a lot and that should help.

Pat and I will be back by June 6. Then we'll start work on exchanges over the letters. And hopefully by then, I'll be all over the poison ivy. Because I turned the grades in without being able to call up all the records to look at at once, I'm sure I made a few mistakes, though not many. Remember I know almost all of you, but I was switching back and forth six times a minute! As soon as I'm back, we'll correct any those mistakes. I can still correct even Senior grades until the middle of June. Just be sure to e-mail me right after I get back.

Also please nag me about any pieces I didn't get up in the last few weeks. I'd like to get them up now.

love, peace, and happy summer! jeanne