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Created: May 16, 2004
Latest Update: May 16, 2004

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Congratulations, You Have an A

My inclusion of your work in these notes indicates that you have met my standard for professional performance. In some instances there is still something to be done, like the binding of Jacqueline Jones-Lee and Leslie Eliofor's book on disability resources. But I hadn't taught book-binding yet, so that's not a problem for a grade. Although I don't yet have Stephan's project for the Internet Poem, I will have, without the pressure of timelines. Thus, inclusion here means that you have an A for the independent studies course you did with me this Spring.

  • Dana Leagons - followed the process and helped us set up and manage the exhibit. graduated. And Dan followed up with an email this morning. Good kid!
  • Stephan - did a wonderful job with children and with his project. promised to send photos and explanation for internet poem.
  • Barbara Heiss-? -husband ill, spent time with us in discussions on Thursday
  • George - TV sermon, present all day Wednesday and Thursday
  • Michael Griffin - curated exhibit and contributed poetry - shared the primary poem with Freeing the Feminine Other
  • Velma - paintings and presence and discussion on Wednesday - the red room and torture
  • Carolyn Ibekwe - sending material in for Internet poem
  • Jacqueline Jones-Lee - Disability Resources book.
  • Lesley Eliofor - Disability Resources book. We'll bind it this summer. Give me a couple of weeks to rest, first.
  • LaToya Lewis - Wonderful Memories Book, Latoya. Very creative. Everyone loved it.
  • Emily Monge - Machu Piccu exhibit and the Incas. I lnow, there are three of you. All included.
  • Mia Sykes - Set up and management - exhibit of the children's art -very creatively done - hope to put it up at school And I know I'm missing names here - when I get my notebook, I'll put them up.
  • Roslyn Williams - art elicitation with young children
  • Leandre Williams - Special award for Children's Art.
  • Dana Brown - children's art
  • Sharlyce Borders - children's art
  • Coretta Wishom - help with set up and management of exhibit
  • Dang Cao - Scenes from Vietnam
  • Toni Wilson - Escape - Poem
  • Kardriner Thompson Escape - Artwork
  • Dashaun Charles - Violence is real - Art and Verse
  • Taneisha Antoine - Poem
  • Juana Salazar - Set up and management
  • Bobby Samson - Indian Country in the Southwest
  • Myeisha - Extensive contact and discussion
  • Marilyn Smith - Office exchange
  • Nona Taite - part of a larger group project
  • Brandi Quiette - how black males are affected by rap music
  • Sheryell - Picture elicitatiion and analysis.

Please contact me or Pat or the Sociology Department, if I haven't included you. jeanne

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