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Created: September 16, 2002
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Comparison to the Bully at Work: The Bully at Work Sourcebooks Inc. By Gary Namie and Ruth Namie. Paperback 287 pp $14.95. Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Web Site. Reviewed by Annie Nakao. Consumer Health Interactive. Backup.

What is bullying at work? Gary and Ruth Namie answer:

" Workplace Bullying is the deliberate, repeated and hurtful mistreatment of one person (the Target) by a perpetrator (the bully) whose destructive actions are fueled by the bully's need to control the Target. a href="">Definition of the Phenomenon Backup. Garu and Ruth Namie's book, The Bully at Work, is available at Campaign Against Workplace Bullying. Excerpts on site free. Book: $14.95.

The links on the Campaign Against Workplace Bullying cover a broad and important range of related topics, including bullying at school. "A recent reliable study estimates that approximately 1 in 6 U.S. workers has directly experienced destructive bullying in the past year. (according to a year 2000 scientific sample of State of Michigan residents)" Allow for error. Allow for poor methodological design. That's still a lot of people reporting the experience of having experienced bullying in the last year. Some of you are going to want to foucus for a while on this topic, because the bullying is bound to be happening to you or to someone you know.

And it's serious, because the added stress of being bullied affects your appearance and effectiveness at work and that affects your promotions, and all that affects your health. Bullying is the unjust treatment of Others by Person who has some form of legitmatized authority for the purpose of controlling Other. The legitimized authority may be a job position superior to Other; it may be a normative expectation that Other deserves to be punished; it may be size and physical power alone where such traits command status; it may be skills that Other does not possess, as in entertainment and sports; it may be information surreptitiously or openly withheld from Other; It may be the status of "belonging" where Other wishes to belong also; s the drama unfolds there are always new justifications for bullying.

"Women bullies target women 84% of the time; men bullies target women 69% of the time, making women the majority of targets in the workplace." And this brings us up to Phyllis Chesler's Woman's Inhumanity to Woman. Chesler, whose first book was Women and Madness.