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Grounded Theory:
Doing It as Part of Public Discourse

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update:June 23, 1999
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The Grounded Theory Institute
of Dr. Barney G. Glaser. A site on theory.
See, your professors are coming to the Web to play!
Link added on May 25, 1999.

The Grounded Theory Institute Online Forum
It's free. You can post messages and ask questions about theory.
It's new, and they'll be happy to have your sharing.
Jeanne has Doing Grounded Theory, and plans some essays to guide you.
Link edited July 23, 1999.

Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim's Site on Grounded Theory

Online Grounded Theory Articles
from Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim's Site. See especially,
Grounded Theory as Scientific Method
by Brian D. Haig. Link added July 23, 1999.
Grounded Theory as Scientific Method:
Haig-Inspired Reflections on Educational Research Methodology

by Barbara M. Kinach. Link checked July 23, 1999.