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China Gallery: Guelin

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Created: August 8, 2003
Latest Update: August 8, 2003

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Teacher Visits China: Teri McCombe of Block Island.
Teri McCombe, Block Island School art teacher, in a taxi in China.
China Gallery: Guelin

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Lived Experiences: Four American Artists in Guelin:

Block Island teacher joins Rhode Island artists in China exhibit By Gloria S. Redlich, May 11, 2002, The Block Island Times. Backup. Artist, Terri McCombe spoke of meeting her "alter ego" artist in Guelin. Although they could not speak each other's language, they communicated through their work:

"During the trip she met an artist she called "my artistic alter ego there in China" and though they couldnít understand each otherís words, she was deeply touched by the way their work communicated."
Block Island Times Article

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The mountains of Guelin - Flanagan Gallery.

Karst Formations in Guelin from the Flanagan Gallery
Link to Gallery for more views.

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You can see here what I had in mind as I painted this when I got home. I don't know what precisely it meant to me. The young woman fascinated me. She's a variation of a model on the cover of a book of China storie. Collectively the stories preach the moral of selflessness in favor of the community. And the good and selfless guys usually win. But I wonder how the heroines would feel before such a scene as the mountains of Guelin. Such beauty, such possibility, restrained by the very real problems of a dysfunctional infrastructure. The morals stand for all I believe in when it comes to not exploiting others. But then others exploit them. Maybe, for me, the mountains of Guelin represent the option and the challenge of rethinking our myths, our fairy tales, our morals. In all the stories, as I recall, answerability was lacking.