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Guelin, China

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Created: August 17, 2003
Latest Update: August 17, 2003

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Guarding the Entrance Together

And way off in the distance, sitting at a table under a tree with his camera is a red-headed guy you could
mistake for a flower bush. Not. It's Arnold. Can you find him in the photo with the two lions?

Diary: China and Thailand with a special section on Guelin. Maintained by Bryan Ischo. With lots of photos of Guelin, including the Camel at Seven Star Park, where our tour guide told us we must absolutely not go, where these lions are, and where we obviously went. Hmmm? Maybe there's something about Guelin guides and taxi drivers?? Bryan and Nancy did such great job on this diary (blog?) that I found myself going through the entire site, with all memories it brought back of China and Thailand from last year. Careful. You could spend a couple of hours that way, but you'd have lots of fun. jeanne