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Created: September 4, 2005
Latest Update: September 4, 2005

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Index of Topics on Site Introduction to the Guelph World of Fall 2005

As Part of the Naked Space Gallery Presentation for the Fall 2005 Semester, we are creating a Guelph World.

For now, we need to visualize together a way to make our world lovable again. And that made me remember our guelphs and propose to the Love 1A class that we create a guelph world this semester. I've pulled together lots of the guelphs from our site, and now I need to explain how a guelph world works.

  • We find teeny little frogs, or tiny cards with guelphs, or a flower, or a fish, or a card, or whateverr. It doesn't matter so much what it is, as just something.

  • We give that little something to another person, a friend, a loved one, a stranger, and with it we tell them that this is a tiny guelph from the guelph world, a lovable world, designed to make them feel happy and loved.

  • We ask them to keep it, or to pass it on to another to invest in our love for each other in this world.

  • We make as many little guelphs as possible, in whatever shape we can make or find them, and give them to us many friends and strangers as we can.

  • And then by mid-semester, we'll do a survey and see how many people we can find on our campus who know about our guelph world.

  • A guelph rfusing to look - deep rust against pinkish-orange background.

  • A guelph refusing to look - deep rust color.

  • A guelph graduating.

  • A guelph falling.

  • A guelph flying through the aftermath of Katrina (the hurricane that hit New Orleans).

  • A trio of distressed guelphs in color.

  • A trio of distressed guelphs in black and white.

  • The EEK! Guelph. A guelph distressed over New Orleans.

  • Guelph in black and white.

  • Guelph hiding book underbed.

  • A Trio of Green Guelphs

  • A Trio of Guelphs Card, signed by jeanne

  • A Trio of Guelphs

  • A Couple of Guelphs

  • A happy Guelph doing a cartwheel or flying.

  • A Guelph

  • A Statue of Liberty Guelph

  • A Pet Guelph

  • A Flower Guelph

  • A Fairy Guelph

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