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Created: July 5, 2004
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    "This is a superb, RARE, original signed gouache and watercolor on paper painting by listed Abstract Expressionist HAROLD FRANK (American, 1921-1995), dated 1969. Frank left his family at a young age moved to Los Angeles, studied in Paris and made art his life. He became the rebel who chose to pursue art at its purest. Although he never married, Frank searched for the perfect woman again and again in his endless, poignant portraits and paintings of women. Like his idol, de Kooning, Frank chose the human figure as his principal subject. There was an emotional price to pay. He became self –obsessed and his own worst enemy. He didn’t socialize easily. Harold Frank existed through his painting. He was compulsive and consistent. He never stopped painting. He was able to sell enough art to keep him alive. He won awards. He sold at Phillips of London Auctions. He is in several important collections. But he lived like a monk. Frank needed to continually change his work at will. He returned to it again and again. What may appear to be a wonderful finished painting to the viewer was merely a prologue for the artist. Later he attacked the old work as a new problem. He refused to part with his best paintings. Perhaps in his mind, as perfect as they were, there was always more to say. Abstract Expressionism was his specialty. It was born of two catastrophes, a depression and a war. Harold Frank was a powerful painter of the intangible. He needed to find a means of ordering raw emotion. To observe this work, the eye must constantly travel the convoluted paths; the sense of movement is preserved even in the static framework of a painting. There is no longer distinction between figure and ground. Because his art was the only passion of his life, he allowed it to dominate himself. It excited him, it imprisoned and it freed him all at the same time. Harold Frank painted spontaneously and impulsively. He painted on anything and everything -- the backs of posters, magazine covers, plastic, cardboard, and even in the old Chinese style of reverse painting on glass. His works were composed to please no one but himself. They are a history of his life. This spectacular painting is signed by the artist on the front lower left “Harold” and dated “69”. It is in excellent condition, measures 5” x 6 ½” and is matted for a total size of 14” x 15 ¾”. Harold Frank is listed in Davenport’s Art Reference and price guide, which lists a 13” x 17” painting with an auction price of $4,000. Authenticity is GUARANTEED. Winning bidder please add $15.00 packing & shipping within the US, plus insurance. Please view my other auctions for additional quality fine art and collectibles. "

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